Zurich Tanzt - Dance Festival

Zurich Tanzt - Dance Festival

May 03, 2024May 12, 2024
Various locations
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Since 2013, Zurich Tanzt has been bringing local, national and international dance creations into the spotlight for viewers to enjoy in Zurich. This year, the dance festival returns so get ready to be amazed!

A dance festival in Zurich

Every year in May, Zurich Tanzt provides a programme full of different formats for festival-goers to watch and participate in if they so wish. From crash courses, stage plays and dance walks to dance battles, workshops and raves - you’ll be immersed in everything dance!

Image credit: Joseph Khakshouri / Zurich Tanzt zurich-tanzt-klapping.png

Zurich Tanzt is a festival for everyone, families included, and connects people of all ages, different cultures, languages and preferences. It is a festival that urges you to participate, try out, watch, celebrate and even think. Whether it’s contemporary, street dance, capoeira, klapping or ballroom, every dance you can think of will be represented.

There is also a digital dance studio so you can experience the joy of the dance festival from your home in other Swiss cities. This forms part of the mission of the festival to bring the medium of dance to all spaces taking spectators on a dynamic journey while encouraging them to spontaneously join in.

Image credit: Caroline Minjolle / Zurich Tanzt zurich-tanzt-dancing.png

Zurich Tanzt Festival programme

There are more than 50 shows throughout Zurich that take place during the festival. Previous versions of the Zurich Tanzt Festival had performances by the Zurich Ballet at the opera house, as well as shows by Oliver Roth, Diane Gemsch and Alexandra Bachzetsis. 

Image credit: Caroline Minjolle / Zurich Tanzt zurich-tanzt-contemporary-dance.png

Attend the Zurich Tanzt Dance Festival

To see the full festival programme and to get your tickets to the dance festival, visit the official Zurich Tanzt website. Entry passes for the festival are also ZVV day tickets so it is recommended to use public transport to get to the event. 

Thumb image credit: Caroline Minjolle / Zurich Tanzt