Private insurance in Switzerland

Private insurance in Switzerland

Alongside mandatory insurance schemes such as health insurance and social security, Switzerland also has many different types of private insurance that people can take out if they choose to. These can range from insurance that protects against theft and property damage, to car insurance. Many of these policies can be taken out together and insurers will be more than happy to bind a collection of insurances together for a reduced price.

Swiss insurance comparison websites

There are many types of insurance available to residents of Switzerland, and the amount of choice and the variations between packages can be overwhelming. To find the best deal for you, there are several price comparison websites that you can use. Many of these sites are in English.

Insurance comparison websites

  • Comparis
  • Moneyland

Car & Motorcycle insurance

If you have a motorbike or a car in Switzerland, you must take out vehicle insurance. If you are in an accident or need repairs to your vehicle, your insurance company will pay a significant portion of the costs for you, plus any cost incurred in accidents, should you be liable. Car insurance operates in a similar way to health insurance, with premiums depending on your age, the type of car or motorbike you use, and the deductible you choose. Check out our guide to getting car insurance in Switzerland for more information.

Vehicle insurance providers

  • AXA
  • Basler Versicherungen
  • TCS
  • Smile

Home / Household insurance in Switzerland

Contents insurance is a type of insurance that covers damage to household items. If you are renting in Switzerland, or buying a house, home contents insurance gives you an extra layer of security to cover the cost of any items lost or damaged, including damage caused by fire, natural hazard, water, or theft.

You are insured up to an approximate value of all your household possessions, although this can be reduced or increased if you wish to receive more or less coverage. In addition, many insurers will also be able to cover individual items if they are deemed to be highly valuable, such as jewellery or electronics. 

Home / Household contents insurance providers

  • Helvetia
  • Zurich Insurance

Swiss personal liability insurance

Personal liability insurance covers you in the event of you accidentally damaging another person or their property. Your insurance will step in to pay any claims made against you for damage you have caused, giving you almost full financial protection should you be found liable.

Liability insurance providers

  • CSS
  • Zurich Insurance
  • AXA
  • Helvetia

Life insurance in Switzerland

Life insurance is an insurance policy that is paid out, normally to your family, in the event of your death. It might also be paid out should you become incapable of working. Life insurance policies can be paid out as a lump sum or an endowment for your next of kin and have to cover different situations. This type of insurance is additional to disability insurance, meaning both can be claimed together should you qualify.

Please consult with your insurance provider to see if life insurance is suitable for you, as policies can range in price depending on age and previous medical history. 

Life insurance providers

  • Zurich Insurance

Swiss legal protection insurance

Legal protection insurance covers the insured for any large expenses related to legal proceedings. These proceedings can relate to paying for legal representation from a lawyer, claims for bail and other legal costs incurred that are not part of a punishment or settlement.

Legal protection insurance providers

  • Generali
  • Groupe Mutuel

Insurance for pets in Switzerland

If you have a pet cat, dog, or another pet in Switzerland, it is recommended that you take out pet insurance. Pet insurance is a cheap way to make sure the costs of any illnesses or injuries sustained by your pet are covered. The coverage also includes routine procedures such as spaying and neutering. However, only cats or dogs are covered and the policy must be taken out before they reach the age of seven human years.

Pet insurance providers

  • Animalia
  • Epona
  • Wau-Miau

Swiss travel insurance

If you are planning to travel abroad from Switzerland, it is a good idea to take out travel insurance. Whereas the cost of medical treatments abroad is covered automatically by Swiss health insurance, costs for early return due to accident or disaster, cancellation insurance, and additional nights in hotels are only covered by travel insurance. This insurance will cover all non-health-related issues that may arise when abroad.

Travel insurance providers

  • Zurich Insurance
  • AXA
  • Groupe Mutuel

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