Mobile telephony providers in Switzerland

Mobile telephony providers in Switzerland

As in all parts of the world, mobile telephones are now an everyday part of communication in Switzerland. Switzerland has an extensive mobile network, even within the mountains, meaning you can communicate with friends and family wherever you are. Mobile companies are happy to create a deal that fits your specific requirements, including using your phone abroad.

Mobile telephony providers in Switzerland

Some of the most well-known mobile phone providers in Switzerland are:

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Types of mobile phone contract in Switzerland

In Switzerland, there are two types of mobile phone subscriptions you can use: either a phone contract, or a prepaid sim. Both come with a wide variety of options that can be tailored depending on how much you use your phone and where you use it, and both allow you to use the full network of your provider in Switzerland. Some phone deals also include Internet packages for your home.

Full phone contract

A full phone contract is the most common way to get a mobile phone in Switzerland. Deals are priced differently depending on how many minutes, texts and data gigabytes they include per month. Some companies also offer unlimited packages for both Switzerland and abroad. Phone contracts typically come with a new phone, which can be replaced after a defined period of time.

Prepaid sim

If you only plan to stay in Switzerland for a short period of time, it might be easier to purchase a prepaid sim card, to avoid getting locked into a phone contract. Prepaid or top-up sim cards are available at most corner shops and supermarkets and will give you a set amount of minutes or data before needing to be topped up. This is only advised for short stays in Switzerland, if you plan on living in Switzerland, it is advised to take out a full phone contract.

Can I change my mobile phone provider in Switzerland?

Swiss phone contracts are binding for the amount of time agreed upon. They will also include a specific notice period, should you wish to cancel your contract, similar to the process around a rental contract. Generally speaking, the longer your contract length, the cheaper the deal. It is advised to complete the minimum contract term outlined in your phone contract before switching. If you choose to switch contracts or mobile phone companies before your contract expires, you may incur a significant processing or cancellation fee.

Can I use my Swiss phone for free in Europe?

Unfortunately, Switzerland has not signed up to the EU mandate on no additional roaming charges. This means that in order to use your data, SMS and phone calls in Europe, you must pay a surcharge unless your contract includes EU roaming.

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