Dental care in Switzerland

Dental care in Switzerland

Switzerland has a diverse network of qualified dentists who are some of the best in Europe. Dentists in Switzerland are extremely professional and can provide the highest level of care. They offer a wide range of services based on your needs and many are able to perform highly complex dental surgery. Swiss dentists are noted for their excellent dentures and long-term care.

Dentists in Switzerland

Switzerland has a completely private system of dental practices, with dental cover only being available as an extension of your supplemental health insurance, or as coverage from direct dental insurance as a unique private insurance.

Who pays for Swiss dental care?

In the majority of cases, the cost of Swiss dentistry is paid for by the individual as it is not a direct part of the healthcare system. Relatively few health insurance policies cover the cost of dental care and only a small number of Swiss citizens pay for dental insurance.

Occasionally, you might receive dental insurance through your work contract, although this is rare and is usually only available through jobs at international companies. Do check with your employer or consult your employment contract for more information. If you are looking for a job, see what is included in the job description.

When does my health insurance cover the cost of Swiss dental care?

A standard package of Swiss health insurance only covers dental costs in a specific set of conditions. This is when dentistry is necessary as part of treating another condition. For example, if you have received surgery for reconstructing a jaw, the dentistry required in the reconstruction would be included in your health insurance. This also includes the cost of removing wisdom teeth.

In addition, if the dentistry required was caused by an accident at work, the costs would be covered by accident and occupational insurance.

Many health insurance providers offer comprehensive cover for orthodontics in young people. Please check with your health insurance provider for more details.

How much does a dental appointment cost in Switzerland?

Alongside a standard charge for an appointment, the cost of any dental treatment in Switzerland is only decided once the appointment has been completed. This is to take into account any additional treatments you might need, plus the time taken to complete the appointment. Prices for a dental appointment vary depending on the practice, but the average cost for a simple check-up and cleaning is 300 Swiss francs. Advanced dental treatment such as dentures or tooth removal can cost much more.

Dental insurance in Switzerland

Dental insurance is available to all residents in Switzerland and covers the costs of most dental treatments. Most major health insurance providers offer policies, which can be taken out alongside other benefits. Some of the most well-known dental insurance providers are:

  • Atupri
  • Visana
  • Sanitas
  • Concordia
  • Groupe Mutuel

Emergency dentists in Switzerland

If you need an emergency dentist, many conventional dentists offer emergency dental appointments, occasionally outside of working hours. If you have a specific practice in mind, contact your dentist directly and they will suggest the earliest time you can come in. If your regular practice is unavailable, you can find an emergency dentist via the following services:

  • Swiss Smile
  • Zahnartzt Zentrum

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