Insurance in Switzerland

Insurance in Switzerland

There are many different types of insurance in Switzerland for expats to use. Many Swiss institutions use insurance packages, including for driving and social security. Some types of insurance must be purchased in order to obtain a visa or residence permit, some are optional to give you greater security in your home.

Below is a collection of the types of insurance on offer in Switzerland, which types of insurance are mandatory, and where you can look at policies to find the best deal for you and your family.

Swiss health insurance

Every resident of Switzerland must purchase health insurance. Even children need to have a privately purchased health insurance package to keep a residence permit. Switzerland has a system where every citizen must purchase basic health insurance privately, with only some claimants of emergency benefits receiving support from the government.

Getting health insurance is essential and can contain many different benefits. If you would like to expand and enhance your healthcare while in Switzerland, you can check out our guide to supplemental health insurance.

Swiss social security

The main safety net for Swiss citizens and expats is the Swiss social security system. This is a diverse network of mandatory insurance schemes. Most are paid through a combination of employer, salary and tax and are designed to provide support should you find yourself in need. These schemes are also available if you are looking for a job or have recently lost a job. The main programmes under social security are:

Liability insurance in Switzerland

One of the most commonly-held types of insurance in Switzerland, liability insurance provides coverage should you accidentally injure or damage another person or their belongings. Find out about personal liability insurance in Switzerland.

Home insurance in Switzerland

Whether you're renting or own your own home, home insurance in Switzerland provides protection in situations like fires, extreme weather, accidents, theft and burglaries. In some situations, you might be required to have it. 

Pet insurance in Switzerland

The costs of owning a pet can quickly stack up. Pet insurance in Switzerland provides cover should your pet need veterinary treatment. You can also take out special liability insurance for pets (in some Swiss cantons you are required to do so), in case they cause damage to another person or their property. 

Legal insurance in Switzerland

Should you find yourself facing a legal dispute - whether that's with your landlord, employer, business partner, or someone else - having legal insurance in Switzerland means you can feel confident asserting your rights, without fearing negative financial consequences. 

Life insurance in Switzerland

Combining risk insurance with long-term savings, life insurance in Switzerland functions as an essential part of the third pillar of the Swiss pension system. Learn how it works.

Swiss car insurance

If you drive a car in Switzerland, you must purchase car insurance coverage. These policies cover you for damages caused while driving to your car and others. There are many different types, offering coverage for more or fewer situations. This can range from fire, theft, criminal damage, or accidents.

Private insurance in Switzerland

Alongside mandatory insurance, Switzerland offers a diverse range of private insurance. These are able to cover all manner of issues or mishaps that may occur while in Switzerland. Some of the most common are life insurance, contents insurance, travel insurance, insurance for pets, and personal liability and lawyer cover.

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