Transportation in Switzerland

Transportation in Switzerland

The transportation system in Switzerland is well known for its speed and efficiency. If you are planning to live in Switzerland, or would like to visit without driving, you will need to get to know one of the best transport networks in Europe. Switzerland has received large investments into its local transport network, ensuring that the system can cater to communities large and small.

Swiss public transport

The majority of Swiss public transport is run by SBB, the national rail provider. These services are punctual and fast, with emphasis given to local connections to cities in Switzerland. It is very rare for a small town to not have a station for Swiss public transport. All modes of transport interlink and are reasonably priced.

How to buy a ticket in Switzerland

With point to point, zonal, 24-hour and discount tickets available on the public transport network, it can be a challenge to know how to buy a ticket in Switzerland. The country operates a zoning system for most counties (cantons), with larger cities being connected by point-to-point tickets. Find out how you can reduce the cost of your ticket or gain access to the entire Swiss network for a reduced price.

Airports in Switzerland

Expats tend to be familiar with travel, and most probably arrived into the alpine nation via one of its local or international airports. Airports in Switzerland can connect business and holiday travellers with the rest of the world, offering diverse services with a number of Swiss and foreign carriers. Alongside the large international airports, there are several regional hubs that can cater to charter or private flying.

Taxis in Switzerland

Sometimes, if there are no trains home, or you are coming back from a long trip, you may want to hail a cab. Taxis in Switzerland are well known for being expensive, but they will provide a quick and easy way of getting home.

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