Communication solutions & providers in Switzerland

Communication solutions & providers in Switzerland

When you move to Switzerland for the first time, it is important to establish communications back home with your friends and family. When renting an apartment or buying a house, it is important to know how to stay connected during your time in the alpine nation alongside purchasing other utilities.

Mobile telephony in Switzerland

One of the easiest ways to get connected in Switzerland is to purchase a mobile phone. This usually involves getting a phone contract or taking out a top-up or prepaid sim card. Some of these deals include benefits such as discounts in selected stores or a regular phone upgrade. Mobile telephony in Switzerland shows you how to get a mobile phone contract, the range of options available, and the restrictions around changing your mobile phone while still bound by a contract.

Fixed phone lines and landlines in Switzerland

In addition to mobile phones, all types of housing are connected to a fixed phone line. These lines can have perks, such as reduced costs for international calls. Most landlines are included as part of an Internet or television package. If your rental contract includes a phone line as standard, you are free to take over the existing landline already installed.

Getting an Internet connection in Switzerland

One of the most important parts of modern life; many of us would find it challenging to communicate without the Internet. Getting Internet in Switzerland is essential, particularly if you have many relations abroad or are remote working. Internet connections in Switzerland are high-speed and reliable, allowing for anything from 4K streaming to online gaming.

Swiss postal service

If you need a package or letter delivered, your best option is the Swiss postal service. Swiss Post is a service supported directly by the government that can deliver your parcels or messages at high speed. In addition to post, the postal service has also expanded to include public transport and banking.

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