Home utilities in Switzerland

Home utilities in Switzerland

In Switzerland, most utilities are controlled by private companies with supervision from the government. If you are planning on living in Switzerland, it is important to know what utilities you will need when buying a house, as well as what you need to purchase when you are looking for a rental property.

Utilities for renters

Generally speaking, most rental contracts include basic utilities as part of the overall rent. This means that these companies supply your type of housing under the name of your landlord. Renters in Switzerland are usually not responsible for basic amenities but may need to purchase additional utilities.

Utilities for buyers

If you are buying a house in Switzerland, you must inform all utilities of your arrival if not already done so by the previous owner. It is important to have made the change to avoid any unnecessary charges to the old owner or any denial of service by your provider. Utilities are usually delivered by the same company and can be charged monthly or annually.

Swiss energy companies

Swiss electricity is almost entirely renewable or clean. Energy in Switzerland is mainly drawn from hydroelectric and nuclear power, with an increasing amount of solar and other renewables. In 2020, Switzerland consumed 6,45 megawatt hours per capita, but this has been coming down in recent years. It is important to know what company you are getting your electricity from, as well as what packages you can choose.

Internet in Switzerland

A modern necessity, Internet in Switzerland is high-speed and capable of high stress downloading and uploading. Increasingly, fiber-optic cables have been installed for high speeds, particularly in cities. It is important to know which companies can offer competitive Wi-Fi, as well as what type of connection is allowed in your local area.

Water in Switzerland

Water in Switzerland is controlled by the same companies as electricity. Water in Switzerland is high in quality and is drinkable out of every tap and fountain unless stated otherwise. Once again, choice is limited as to what services you can have but it is still important to inform the company if you have recently moved in or changed address.

Additional utilities

Alongside basic utilities, it is important to consider alternate ones that are essential but may not be included when you are a renter. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Insurance
  • Waste disposal or recycling centres
  • Car parking
  • Cleaning
  • General house maintenance

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