MBA programs in Switzerland

MBA programs in Switzerland

Studying for an MBA in Switzerland is a logical step for many executives - both expats and Swiss - after a certain number of years in their career field. Here are links to full-time and part-time Master of Business Administration programs offered by universities and business schools in Switzerland.


  • Universität Bern

    One of the top Universities in the world, Universitat Bern offers a part time Executive MBA in Marketing Management. Students can also opt to study an international, dual degree EMBA programme with the University of Rochester.

Canton Aargau

  • University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland

    The FNHW offers comprehensive management training through multiple MBA programmes across its Swiss campuses. The MBA programmes at the FNHW are available at its Basel campus, as well as its campus in Windisch in Aragau.

Canton Valais

  • Les Roches International School of Hotel Management

    Taught at the campus in Crans-Montana, Les Roches International School of Hotel Management offers a year-long MBA programme that sets students up for senior management positions in the hospitality industry.

Canton Vaud

  • Business School Lausanne

    The Business School Lausanne offers multiple unique MBA courses, including an MBA and EMBA in sustainable business, a EMBA in business transformation and entrepreneurship and a dual MBA programme with the Seoul School of Integrated Sciences and Technologies.

  • Sustainability Management School

    Based in Gland, and with close ties to the WWF and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, the Sustainability Management School offers innovative and practical MBA programmes, both on-site and online, with a focus on sustainable business and investment.

  • Université de Lausanne

    The internationally recognised EMBA programme at the Universite de Lausanne has been running for over a decade. It offers Healthcare Management and Management and Corporate Finance specialisations, providing students a platform to realise their professional ambitions.

  • IMD Business School

    The one-year MBA programme at the IMD Business School is ranked amongst the highest in Europe. Students develop their leadership skills in various environments, so they are fully prepared to deal with rapidly changing and emerging business trends.

  • École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

    The EMBA programme at EPFL offers students a course that is tailored to their business interests and ambitions, focussing on identifying and supporting innovative activity within a business. The programme has been adapted to meet the requirements of any coronavirus restrictions, while upholding the standard of education.

  • International Academy of Sports Science and Technology

    Ranked as one of the best masters’ programmes in sports management, the MAS in Sport Administration and Technology at AISTS has been endorsed by the International Olympic Committee. Situated in Lausanne, home to several international sporting federations, students benefit from a truly global sporting environment.

  • Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne

    EHL offers several MBA formats, including two Executive programmes, one of which is delivered in partnership with China Europe International Business School. A part-time MBA course in hospitality is also available to cater to busy individuals.

  • EU Business School

    The internationally accredited EU Business School operates across Europe, including in Spain and Germany. The school has two campuses in Switzerland, one in Geneva and one in Montreux, Vaud. The school offers a variety of specialist MBA courses, ranging from Global Banking and Finance to Blockchain Management and Digital Business.

  • Swiss School of Higher Education

    The MBA programme at the Swiss School of Higher Education aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of business processes at an accredited university which thrives on developing students’ entrepreneurial drive.


  • University of Fribourg - International Institute of Management in Technology

    Looking for a degree that you can tailor to your interests and career ambitions? The internationally recognised Executive MBA at the IIMT boasts a modular structure, with over 30 modules to choose from, which gives unparalleled flexibility.


  • Webster University Geneva

    An accredited American university campus, the Webster University Geneva offers a top-quality MBA programme that not only focuses on growing your business skills but growing personally so to prepare students for leadership.

  • Université de Genève

    Placing an emphasis on both professional and personal development, the Executive MBA course at the Université de Genève is perfect for anyone looking to take the next step in their professional career.

  • International University in Geneva

    The MBA at the International University in Geneva is aimed at preparing young, ambitious professionals for the challenges of business management. An MBA programme in Sales and Marketing is also available, for those interested in mastering selling and marketing strategies.

  • IFM Business School

    IFM’s Business School offers accredited MBA and EMBA programmes that provide a first class, relevant education across several different sectors. The MBA programmes cover a range of sectors, including international business and finance, so students can choose to study in a sphere in which they are most comfortable.

  • University of Business and International Studies

    A private university, UBIS is committed to providing an excellent education, anchored on business, international relations and globalisation. The UBIS MBA programme is designed to provide students with the necessary skills for senior positions in the corporate world.

  • EU Business School

    The internationally accredited EU Business School operates across Europe, including in Spain and Germany. The school has two campuses in Switzerland, one in Geneva and one in Montreux, Vaud. The school offers a variety of specialist MBA courses, ranging from Global Banking and Finance to Blockchain Management and Digital Business.

  • Ecole de Management et de Communication

    The Ecole de Management et de Communication in Switzerland offers an EMBA and MBA course, taught in French. The EMBA is taught over 18 months, while the MBA course runs for 12 months.


  • School of International Hotel and Tourism Management

    The Hotel and Tourism Management Institute is world leading institution for preparing students for management positions within the hotel and tourism industries. Its MBA course helps prepare students develop professionally for a career in hospitality management.


  • Università della Svizzera italiana

    The University of Lugano offers an EMBA that focuses on digitisation and sustainability to encourage students to not just adapt but to innovate and develop independently so they are well prepared for the challenges of management.

  • University of Applied Sciences Southern Switzerland

    Taught in Italian, the EMBA programme at SUSPI aims to provide students with the skills needed to succeed in leadership and entrepreneurship and thrive in a career of business management.


  • American University in Switzerland

    The Master of International Business Administration programme at the AUS provides students with a comprehensive approach to ethics, law, sustainability and entrepreneurship, whilst developing students’ professional skills.


  • VU School of Management

    The VU School of Management offers a flexible MBA business programme that allows student to adapt to emerging business trends. Students looking to take their career to the next level, while studying at a distinguished business school should look no further.

St. Gallen

  • Established in TUM’s technological and entrepreneurial ecosystem – the TUM School of Management educates responsible talents and pursues relevant research to advance innovation-based businesses and societies. Triple Crown accredited, the TUM School of Management has been amongst the top-ranked business schools in Germany. 6 out of the 10 program modules take place in Munich. 

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  • University of St. Gallen

    The University of St. Gallen offers multiple MBA formats, including a full-time, part-time, and Executive MBA programmes. The programme allows students to develop their management toolkit and career prospects at an international recognised institution.


  • Swiss Management Center

    Alongside its standard MBA programme, the Swiss Management Centre also offers an MBA in Information Security Management. Both courses deliver a solid understanding of business organisation and help students develop their management skillset.


  • SBS Swiss Business School is a Swiss state-accredited management institution dedicated to preparing students for the careers of the global economy. We provide students with a special set of skills to identify and creatively solve problems, add value and contribute to business and organizations. Find out more about our part-time on campus Flex MBA and Executive MBA (Once a month - Friday to Sunday) as well as about our Online MBA. Ongoing enrollment.


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  • CEIBS – Zurich Institute of Business Education

    The China Europe International Business School offers two Executive MBA programmes at its campus in Zurich. The Global Executive MBA focuses on developing managerial and leadership skills, while the Hospitality EMBA combines a top-level business education with hospitality management.

  • Swiss Business School

    The Swiss Business School in Zurich offers students with multiple MBA and EMBA programmes, offering unrivalled flexibility, which allows for students to study at a time and pace that suits them, as well as tailor their programme to their business interests and ambitions.

  • Zurich University of Applied Sciences – School of Management and Law

    The accredited ZHAW School of Management and Law offers students a MBA in real estate management and an international executive MBA, alongside its standard MBA programme. Perfect for students looking for a holistic business education, while specialising in the real estate industry.

  • HWZ Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich

    HWZ offers two Executive MBA programmes, specialising in marketing and general management. Students undertake a state-of-the-art business education, preparing them for a career in management.

  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

    The Executive MBA at ETH Zurich is run in collaboration with the University of St. Gallen. This course facilitates students’ professional and personal development, while teaching how to find the value of integrating technology and management.

  • Strathclyde Business School

    Strathclyde Business School has been accredited by three different MBA associations, making it part of the prestigious “Triple Crown” group of business schools. Alongside a traditional MBA, students can also elect to study the exclusive Strathclyde MBA.

  • University of Zurich

    The University of Zurich offers two Executive MBA programmes, one in international management and the other in digital transformation. Both programmes provide students with the opportunity to learn abroad, with learning expeditions to the US, China and Israel.

  • Robert Kennedy College

    The Robert Kennedy College offers a plethora of online MBA courses to choose from. With over 20 specialisations to choose from, RKC allows students to find the right MBA course for them, and study at a time that suits them.

  • Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences Switzerland

    The Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences boasts an extensive range of specialisations for its MBA and EMBA courses. Students can choose the course which best suits their career ambitions and study in flexible and professional environment.