The Swiss housing market

The Swiss housing market

The Swiss housing market is characterised by consistent stability and ready availability of accommodation, especially apartments. The housing market in Switzerland is diverse, with properties to rent available across all 26 counties (cantons).

When you are moving to Switzerland, you might want to consider where you want to live, what services you may need, and what you will have to do if you need to leave or move to another part of Switzerland.

Moving services & companies

Once you have made the final step and bought or rented your own house in Switzerland, you will need help moving all your belongings. Moving services & companies can assist in bringing your possessions to your new accommodation with a high level of care and consideration.

Many of these companies have services in English and many specialise in trans-Europe, trans-continent, and even global moving services. Swiss expats are well known for their diversity, and no matter where you are from, there will be a moving company that can cater to your needs in bringing your possessions to the alpine nation.

Interior designers & Architects

Thinking about making a change to a room of your house or planning a full-scale remodelling? Check out our list of expat-friendly interior designers and architects in Switzerland, who can help with any project, whether big or small.

Short stay rentals & Serviced apartments

If you only need accommodation in Switzerland for a short period of time, you can access short-stay rentals and serviced apartments. These apartments do not require a long-term contract and can be accessed without a residence permit or specific visa. Our selection of short-term lettings will be ideal for trips away, giving you the independence of your own home with the comfort of a hotel while on holiday or when on business.

Housing types in Switzerland

Switzerland has a diverse number of housing types. As of 2019, there were 4,6 million homes in Switzerland, each with its own character and benefits. Although apartments are the most common form of housing, there are still multiple options available for houses and house shares.

Changing address in Switzerland

When you need to move on to a new part of Switzerland, perhaps for working or family reasons, it is important to know what to do when you change address. Changing your address is essential as it allows your local council (Gemeinde) to register you as a resident. This is vital, particularly due to the Swiss system of taxation.

Choosing the right location

Looking for a house in a new country can seem daunting. Is it close to schools? Will I need to access an international school? How close are the nearest services? What is the community like? To make things clearer, our guide to choosing the right location will provide you with the right questions to ask in order to find the ideal home.

Student housing

Universities in Switzerland have built a reputation for high-quality education and student life. Many Swiss universities often break The Times top 100 rankings of universities in the world, with most also providing courses in English. If you are looking to come to Switzerland for education, student housing is available, with each type offering different levels of student community and privacy.

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