The Swiss healthcare system

The Swiss healthcare system

The Swiss healthcare system

The Swiss system of healthcare is highly regarded and is an integral part of living in the country. Healthcare is entirely privatised, with all funding being given by health insurance in Switzerland.

The system is run by individual private hospitals and institutions that offer a wide range of medical care. It is regulated by the Federal Office of Public Health (Bundesamt für Gesundheit) and is divided into three levels of care:

  • Outpatient care (e.g. visiting the doctor or dentist in their own practice)
  • Inpatient care (e.g. treatment in a hospital)
  • Rehabilitation (e.g. physiotherapy or psychological therapy)

Doctors and GPs in Switzerland

The first point of contact in the Swiss medical system is doctors and general practitioners. If you are unwell and want medical attention, your GP is an excellent source of advice and will be able to provide remedies for your condition. Should your condition require it, they can also refer you to a specialist.

Swiss dentists and dental care providers

Swiss dental care is famous for its quality and long-term service, with dentists in Switzerland being highly qualified. The system is entirely privatised and requires payment upfront or through special dental insurance.

Psychologists and therapists in Switzerland

Psychotherapy is an important part of rehabilitation for those who have been the victim of some form of trauma. Psychologists & Therapists in Switzerland are there to help you through the tough process of rehabilitation and healing. From loneliness to phobias, they are there to talk things through and provide solutions to mental health issues with the greatest amount of care and consideration.

Swiss hospitals

Swiss hospitals are there if you need serious medical help, routine surgery or specialist care. There are many hospitals in Switzerland that serve high-quality care across the 26 counties (cantons). Your health insurance determines to a large degree the level of care you receive at a hospital in Switzerland, with each type of insurance having its own benefits.

Pharmacies and medicine in Switzerland

If you have received a prescription or are seeking non-prescription drugs to help with an illness, a pharmacy is the place to go. Pharmacies & Medicine in Switzerland can be found in many different localities and many are increasingly more receptive to giving out over-the-counter medication. Additionally, Swiss pharmacies have competitors in drogeries and traditional Chinese medicine, as herbal remedies have become increasingly popular in recent years.

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