Becoming an entrepreneur in Switzerland

Becoming an entrepreneur in Switzerland

Switzerland is a haven for all types of companies due to its stability, low taxes and highly skilled workforce. The Swiss economy is one of the most stable in the world and is ideal for budding entrepreneurs to begin the journey from startup to an international company. If you would like to start working and want to join one of these companies, you can check out our listing of the best jobs for internationals in Switzerland.

How to start a business in Switzerland

Before you down tools and quit your job in Switzerland, it is important to know what the key steps are to starting a business. Switzerland is an opportune place to start a business, with much of the process being streamlined and placed online in recent years. In this guide, you will learn how aspiring entrepreneurs must tailor a coherent business plan, decide on a name, structure and invest the appropriate amount of funds in order to start their first company.

Business taxes in Switzerland

Switzerland has some of the friendliest business taxes in Europe. Businesses in Switzerland are taxed at the state, regional and local levels and have to pay certain extra taxes as well. These are important to know if you would like to maintain a profitable business in Switzerland.

Freelancers in Switzerland

The number of people who are pursuing a career of freelancing in Switzerland is increasing year by year. The process of becoming a freelancer is centred around making sure that you are covered by accident insurance and other social security benefits. This guide will tell you who can become a freelancer as well as the two methods you can use to become a freelancer in Switzerland.

Tax relief and financial incentives in Switzerland

Although the system has been streamlined in recent years, there are still a large number of tax relief and financial incentives in Switzerland for companies to use. In the past, the counties (cantons) of Switzerland maintained their own system of financial incentives, leading to a significant difference between business taxes, particularly for larger businesses.

More recently, in an attempt to align more closely with Europe, Switzerland now has a uniform system of tax relief that companies can benefit from. Most of the programmes benefit job creators and companies that invest in research and development, with large benefits to be had for companies that apply for them.

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