Swiss mortgages

Swiss mortgages

Buying a house in Switzerland is a major step for you and your family. Many Swiss people save up for most of their lives in order to afford the taxes, costs and fees involved in buying property. On top of this, most people need to apply for a mortgage. Most Swiss people buy mortgages from banks and other mortgage lenders, with many offering various packages and benefits. If you do not feel like you are at the right stage to purchase a house, you can always rent a house or apartment instead.

Best mortgages for expats in Switzerland

Instead of going directly to a bank, many homebuyers consult with a mortgage advisor before applying for a mortgage. These experts can offer advice on where to purchase mortgages for expats, as well as finding packages tailored to your specific needs.

Basic requirements for a mortgage

Before you consider buying a house, it is important that you see if you fulfil the basic requirements for a mortgage. Buying a house is a process that must be taken with care and making sure that you are in the right financial position to purchase property is key when searching for a mortgage.

Types of mortgages

The mortgage market in Switzerland is very diverse, with various different forms of mortgages available. Many of these are based around overall cost, flexibility, and time, with Swiss banks willing to offer tailored packages for your situation and budget. Finding out which type of mortgage is right for you and your family is important if you would like to purchase the ideal home.

Process and rules for mortgages

When you are ready and want to purchase a home, there is a set process for applying, including co-signing contracts and taxes costs and fees from the Swiss government. This process may seem daunting, so our 10-step guide to getting a mortgage in Switzerland will take you through what's involved.

Mortgage fees & costs

When you are looking to buy a house, it is essential that you check regularly whether your mortgage is still competitive based on mortgage fees & costs. These may include premium payments, down payments, and the effect of interest rates on flexible mortgages.

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