Buying a house in Switzerland

Buying a house in Switzerland

As of 2021, 36 percent of people in Switzerland owned their own house. Buying a house in Switzerland is a complex process that requires thorough research in order to find the perfect home for your needs. Many expats and locals are now buying houses after several years of renting

House checklist for buying a house

When you are thinking of buying a house, there are several factors that you must consider before you start looking. Be sure to plan your finances, taking into account whether buying a house would be financially beneficial for you, as well as finding out what additional costs may be involved. Our checklist for buying a house lays out exactly what needs to be discussed before making the last step to buying a home.

Real estate agents

In your search for the perfect property, there are numerous real estate agents who will assist you in finding the right one. Real estate agents have a strong knowledge of the surrounding area and will be able to give you advice and guidance as to where you should be looking and what houses are best for you. Many services are also provided in English.

Taxes, fees and incentives

When you are considering buying a house, it must be noted that the government in Bern and your local county (canton) have taxes, costs and fees that need to be taken into account. These are typically long-term costs for owning a house, with many cantons having their own property and rental value taxes.

Cost of purchasing property in Switzerland

Any person who is a Swiss citizen or possesses a B- or C-residence permit can purchase property in Switzerland. The cost of property remains expensive, with large differences between purchasing property in rural areas compared with a city. As of 2024, average prices per square metre of floor space range from 3.870 Swiss francs in rural areas to up to 13.000 Swiss francs in city centres. Despite this, many expats are choosing to purchase property as they are strong and sustainable investments.

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