Poprock Festival

Poprock Festival

May 19, 2022May 21, 2022
Canton Vaud
Tickets start from 34 Swiss Francs

Attend the 11th edition of the Poprock Festival this May 19-21 in Gilly, Canton Vaud, for an incredible way to experience fantastic rock music.

Get your rock on

Be amongst over two thousand spectators that enjoy the Poprock music festival every year in Gilly, a Swiss city in between Geneva and Bern. The region is close to France, and has a lovely historic feel, making it perfect for this festival where most of the music is designed to highlight the French language and its use in music. The festival is a great high-energy event with bright colours and a vibrant atmosphere, all the things you need for an exciting music festival.

Programme at Poprock 2022

The programme for 2022 is as follows:

Thursday May 19:

  • The Inspector Cluzo
  • Sim’s
  • Blond Idiocracy
  • Wednesday

Friday May 20:

  • Astonvilla
  • Holy Field
  • Caryon Tree
  • Viril

Saturday May 21:

  • Girls in Hawaii
  • The Jamborines
  • Kay Jam
  • Parsa

Attend the festival

For more information on tickets, the programme, public transportation, and all other details, check the official website.