Apr 23, 2023

SlowUp is a series of one-day cycling tours taking place all over Switzerland. The roads are closed especially for the occasion, so it's a great way to get to know each region of Switzerland by bike with the added privilege of feeling unthreatened by fast-moving vehicles. Whether you're an experienced cyclist, a cycling novice or a parent wondering where to bring your children on an adventurous but safe bike ride, then this is just the thing!

Swiss roads close for cyclists during SlowUp

The event was established in 2000 and has steadily increased in popularity ever since. Thanks to its success, the event has now spread to a number of Swiss cantons. The roads are closed and therefore, some of the most amazing routes that are not usually safely accessible are right at your pedalling feet! It attracts cyclists young and old from all walks of life, including families, students, groups of friends, corporate team outings and anybody with even a remote interest in cycling.

You can take part on your bike, on roller skates or any mode of transport as long as you are using your own muscle power (although e-bikes are also allowed). It even attracts running groups and some casual walkers. The event takes place in any weather and participation is free! There's no need for a map because the route is pre-planned by the organisers and therefore it's hard to miss all the colourful signs and arches.

Cyclists can meet at the starting point and hit the road together or they can join at any part of the route. There's no obligation to finish the course and it is certainly not a race - it's just for pure enjoyment! Take in the gorgeous vistas of lakes, rivers and mountains while you cruise along the picturesque cycling routes.

Along the way, participants will find plenty of offerings like stands selling refreshing food and drinks as well as freebies by the event's sponsors.

SlowUp bike routes in 2023

Here are the dates and locations for SlowUp free cycling events in 2023:

  • April 23: Ticino
  • April 30: Lake Murten
  • May 7: Werdenberg (including crossing the Swiss border into Liechtenstein)
  • May 14: Solothurn - Buechlibarg
  • May 21: Schaffhausen - Hegau
  • June 4: Valais
  • June 18: Hochrhein
  • June 25: Jura
  • July 2: Vallee de Joux
  • July 23: La Broye
  • August: Brugg Region
  • August 20: Lake Sempach
  • August 27: Lake Constance
  • September 3: Albula Pass
  • September 10: Emmental - Oberaargau
  • September 16: Basel - Dreiland
  • September 24: Lake Zurich

Plan your cycling trip at SlowUp

You can decide in your own time if you're one of the die-hards to complete the whole thing or if you're likely to go at a leisurely pace on a small portion of the trail. So, take a look at the SlowUp website and browse the route to see what's in store for you and figure out if you're going to reach the route by driving or whether you'll take your bike with you on Swiss public transport.