Ascona Music Festival

Ascona Music Festival

Jun 23, 2021Dec 31, 2021
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For fans of the great classical composer Ludwig van Beethoven, there's a lot to look forward to during this year's Ascona Music Festival. First established in 2010, the festival has since grown into a prestigious annual event of numerous concerts, featuring soloists and chamber ensembles from far and wide.

Stream Beethoven concerts from the comfort of home

Last year, the very special edition of the festival to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the birth of the great master took place online. This year's festival will take place online, too, so you can enjoy the brilliance of this year's soloists from the comfort of home.

The 2021 Ascona Music Festival festival programme will provide a wide variety of music that puts Beethoven’s achievements under the lens and demonstrates the impressive impact he had on the trajectory of classical music. Pianist Daniel Levy brings outstanding insights at this year's festival.

Over seven months, around 70 of his solo piano works will be performed during the festival, including many of his piano sonatas. With many of Beethoven’s most highly regarded works scheduled to be performed, this year’s Ascona Music Festival promises to be an event unmatched in sheer excellence.

About Beethoven

Beethoven was born in the city of Bonn in North Rhine-Westfalia, Germany in 1770, in the days when that part of the world was part of the Holy Roman Empire. He lived there for the first 22 years of his life before moving to Vienna. A zealous, bewildering person, as well as a quintessential genius, Beethoven created some of the most influential works in the classical music oeuvre, and nearly single-handedly spearheaded the Romantic era in music. 

Attending Ascona Music Festival

Audiences can buy single concert streaming tickets or the "Premium Digital Pass" that grants access to all seven months of extraordinary online concerts! More information, including a complete list of performers and works to be performed and streaming tickets, can be found on the Ascona Music Festival website.