Ascona Music Festival

Ascona Music Festival

Jun 07, 2023Sep 27, 2023
Various venues
Various prices

For fans of the great classical canon, there's a lot to look forward to during this year's Ascona Music Festival. First established in 2010, the festival has since grown into a prestigious annual event of numerous concerts, featuring soloists and chamber ensembles from far and wide. This year’s Ascona Music Festival promises to be an event unmatched in sheer excellence.

The 2023 Ascona Music Festival festival programme will provide a wide variety of music performed by various superb classical musicians including Carmina Quartet, Stephan Rieckhoff and Daniel Levy. At the piano masterclass, pianist Daniel Levy brings outstanding insights.

Ascona Music Festival concert venues 

Over four months, many fascinating concerts will take place at various venues around Ascona.

  • Church of the Collegio Papio
  • Aula Magna of the Collegio Papio
  • Chiesa Evangelica
  • Sala Balint - Monte Verità

Attend Ascona Music Festival

Audiences can buy tickets online. More information, including a complete list of performers and works to be performed and tickets, can be found on the Ascona Music Festival website.

Whether you're living locally or visiting Ascona from out of town, you're likely aware of the tremendously beautiful sights and attractions in the Italian-speaking town. There are an impressive 11 heritage sites of historical significance in Ascona, which include palaces, churches, a medieval settlement and the ruins of a castle. Ascona is located on Lake Maggiore, a stunning and world-renowned lake on the border of Switzerland and Italy.