Le bois qui chante

Le bois qui chante

Oct 13, 2023Oct 22, 2023
Canton Vaud
Standard adult tickets range from 10-35 Swiss Francs (Free for children under 16)

Le bois qui chante is a music festival in Château-d’Oex in Canton Vaud. Château-d’Oex is a fertile ground for musical brilliance, and the classical music festival known as Le bois qui chante attracts high-calibre music performances each October.

About the festival

Le bois qui chante (singing woods) is named after the forest that has lent itself to instrument making over the centuries. The high-quality wood found in the forests of nearby Rougemont is used in making stringed instruments. The festival is named in honour of these forests and their offerings that give the gift of music in return! 

The programme is varied, with music from the towering figures of classical music, such as Schumann and Mendelssohn, as well as music by lesser-known composers. There are even special concerts for kids. Some concerts from the festival are broadcast live on RTS.

Concert venues at Le bois qui chante festival 2023

The festival takes place in the following different venues:

  • Temple de Château-d’Oex
  • Grande Salle de Château-d’Oex
  • Cinema Eden Château-d’Oex
  • St. Nicolas Church Rougemont
  • Forêt des Arses Rougemont

Visiting Château-d’Oex

During the festival, there's a free shuttle service for all concerts taking place at the Temple de Château-d’Oex, departing from the tourist office. All other concert venues can be reached by public transportation. It's easy to get to from cities like Lausanne, GenevaBern and Montreux.

Time spent in Chateau D'Oex is never complete without visiting the museum dedicated to hot air balloons! After all, International Hot Air Balloon Festival put Château-d’Oex on the worldwide map for thrill-seekers, and the place has been nicknamed the Hot Air Balloon Capital ever since!

Ballooning aside, there are also heritage sites of national significance, such as the Mesolithic dwelling. The cheese-making hamlet of L'Étivaz, near Chateau D'Oex, is another noted historical site that is worth visiting. 

Get your tickets to Le bois qui chante 

Standard adult tickets range from 10-35 Swiss Francs. Admission is free for children under 16 years of age. Check out the Le bois qui chante website for more information.