Online Career coaches

Online Career coaches

Are you a professional searching for your next career challenge online. Perhaps you’re a recently-relocated expat looking for information about the local employment market or even just a spouse seeking outplacement support. Maybe you’re an international student/graduate who wants to successfully enter the job market or an experienced manager looking for advice on how to get your next dream job.

Whatever you’re looking for - no matter whether you’re an individual looking for value, purpose and meaning in your career and personal life, or an (international) company looking for coaching and/or workshop training for your relocated employees - these career professionals can help you out!

  • Unlock your Happiness potential today! Don't let stress and dissatisfaction take away your shine. With Anne-Laure, discover your values, passions, and purpose. Playfully learn to get rid of what is blocking you and create new habits for ever-lasting changes. Try it out in a free intro call!

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  • Do you want a job with growth potential, true impact, and deeply aligned with who you are? I am a certified career transition and career development coach in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Check my website and Book a 30-minute chat in English or French.

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  • Tired of the voice in your head judging you? Wishing you could get your career unstuck and take that next step? Miguel is a certified career coach with experience leading corporate teams and startups and he works in English and German. His clients build confidence in their personal and professional life and are ready to slay dragons while enjoying this deeply transforming process.

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  • Helping you to find the job, build the career or start the business you want, so that you reach true career success and happiness at work, and live the quality of life you deserve.

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  • Mindful Career supports mid-career professionals in creating a successful and meaningful career. Dominic, founder of Mindful Career and certified Practitioner of NLP, is passionate about helping his clients to overcome challenges and reach their goals. Having lived abroad for over a decade and travelled all over the world, Dominic also brings with him a deep cultural sensitivity.

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  • If you are tired of not being heard enough, not being persuasive when it really matters, then get in touch with Davide now.Davide Costella, is a coach specialised in communication and for many years has been working with some of the top 500 Companies to improve the communication style of high qualified professionals.

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