Career coaches in Geneva

Career coaches in Geneva

Are you a professional searching for your next career challenge in Geneva. Perhaps you’re a recently-relocated expat looking for information about the local employment market or even just a spouse seeking outplacement support. Maybe you’re an international student/graduate who wants to successfully enter the job market or an experienced manager looking for advice on how to get your next dream job.

Whatever you’re looking for - no matter whether you’re an individual looking for value, purpose and meaning in your career and personal life, or an (international) company looking for coaching and/or workshop training for your relocated employees - these career professionals can help you out!

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  • Leading Genius

    We share our job market experience and provide you with job search techniques to ensure you get the job you want in a controlled and timely manner. We work with individuals, groups and organisations to evaluate their current situation and develop action plans to maximize their competencies and leadership potential.

  • AAA+

    AAA+ is a training and coaching centre empowering people and organisations to attain success and fulfilment. Tailor-made services. Personalised approaches. Cutting-edge techniques. Programs built on years of experience and up-to-date knowledge.