Mobile Motion Film Festival

Mobile Motion Film Festival

Nov 04, 2021Nov 07, 2021
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Mobile Motion, also known as MoMo, is a film festival featuring films made entirely on mobile phones! This year's festival is taking place online, so anybody, anywhere can tune in.

Mobile Motion - a festival for films made on smartphones

Based in Zurich, this film festival is awe-inspiring in many ways. Smartphones can open up an entirely new world to filmmakers, thanks to how common it is to own one. Filmmaking has never been so democratic, considering the majority of people nowadays have a smartphone. That’s why Mobile Motion provides a level playing field for filmmaking, where creativity and talent override the need for financial budgets and industry connections.

The mainstream film industry is still, of course, determined by money, and that is yet another reason why this film festival stands out, as it gives a voice to those who would not normally be heard. The organisers of the festival are of the belief that anyone with a thought-provoking or compelling story to tell, and the talent and vision to turn it into a film can do so on smartphone, regardless of money or status.

Watch films at Mobile Motion

There is an interesting programme devised for the online edition 2021 which, like in any other year whether online or otherwise, a broad range of films are shown. Watch feature-length films, shorts, documentary shorts and music videos - all, of course, shot on smartphones!

Prizes at Mobile Motion

Mobile Motion awards prizes each year in many categories. Prizes will be given in the following categories:

  • Grand Jury Prize
  • Young Talent
  • Best Swiss Film
  • Audience Choice
  • Best Documentary / MoJo
  • Best Fiction
  • Best Music Video
  • Best Screenplay
  • Best Feature Film

About Mobile Motion

The film festival was established in 2014, thanks to crowdfunding and it quickly came to prominence as a dynamic, influential event. The fact that the second edition of the festival was fully sold out proves what a success it was since the early days.

It was one of the first four smartphone film festivals in the world and remains the only one in Switzerland. It has been ranked amongst the top three most influential events on social media in Switzerland - behind only the World Economic Forum and Art Basel.

If you don't make it to the festival, it's worth checking out the Mobile Motion website and Youtube channel, where you can get inspired. The organisation has a whole library of informative videos about how to start making movies on your smartphone, with tutorials on important elements like cinematic lighting and optimum camera angles.

Attend Mobile Motion 2021

This year's festival takes place online. There are various kinds of festival passes available. Check out the Mobile Motion website for more information.