Zurich Street Parade - Europe's biggest techno party

Zurich Street Parade - Europe's biggest techno party

Aug 10, 2024
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On Saturday, August 10, people from all around the world will converge in the Swiss city of Zurich for a day of dancing, partying and enjoyment. One million people are expected to attend this year’s Zurich Street Parade. 

Below you’ll find useful information about Zurich Street Parade in 2024, including its dates, transportation options, the lineup of bands, how to make the most of the event, and how the city prepares to welcome a deluge of visitors.

What is Zurich Street Parade?

The Zurich Street Parade is an electrifying annual event that unites music enthusiasts and party-goers from around the globe. It's not only one of the biggest among the events and festivals in Switzerland, but is renowned as the largest “techno parade” in the world! This vibrant extravaganza transforms the streets of Zurich into a pulsating hub of music, dance and unity.

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The event includes a series of music stages arranged across Zurich’s old quarter, and a street parade of “party floats” which meander through the crowds. A large portion of the city is pedestrianised for the occasion and cordoned off for the parade, with bars and restaurant stalls set up to keep festival-goers happy and refreshed.

Established in 1992, around 1 million people now attend the event every year, listening to music and dancing into the small hours by the banks of Lake Zurich. Despite the jovial atmosphere, Street Parade is still, technically, a political protest, but has mostly taken the form of a giant party in recent years.

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When does Zurich Street Parade start?

In 2024, the Zurich Street Parade is scheduled to take place on Saturday, August 10. 

The event starts at 1pm and ends at midnight, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in a full day of non-stop music and celebration. The parade includes 80 parties dotted around the lakeside and in the old town of Zurich. In total, 200 artists perform on eight stages during the course of the event. The larger stages - at Sechseläutenplatz and Bürkliplatz - host a number of top acts from the techno scene.

The “parade” part of Street Parade is a 2,4-kilometre route around the lake. You will pass the eight massive stages along the route, as well as the over 30 movable stages - known as "Love Mobiles"- that make up the parade itself. The floats slowly make their way through the city, pumping out music all day long.

The heart of the Street Parade lies in Zurich's city centre, with the main parade route stretching along the promenades of Lake Zurich from Utoquai to Hafendamm Enge, spanning approximately two kilometres of non-stop fun! 

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Lineup of bands and performers at Zurich Street Parade

The Zurich Street Parade showcases a diverse lineup of world-class DJs, live acts, and performers across multiple stages. Electronic music enthusiasts can anticipate an array of genres, including techno, house, trance, and more. 

The 2024 edition is set to feature an impressive roster of both established artists and emerging talents, ensuring an unforgettable musical experience for all. From local talents to internationally acclaimed names, the Street Parade caters to the diverse tastes of its attendees. The performers in 2024 include Animal Trainers, Daria Kolosova, Ellen Allien, Joris Voorn, Lily Palmer, Monolink and many more!

Experience an unbeatable atmosphere in Zurich

The Zurich Street Parade welcomes a wide range of individuals, regardless of age, gender, or background. It attracts music lovers, party enthusiasts, and those seeking an extraordinary experience.

The event fosters a sense of unity, as people from different walks of life come together to celebrate the universal language of music and dance. The vibrant atmosphere, characterised by pulsating beats, dazzling costumes, and contagious energy, creates an unparalleled environment of joy and euphoria.

The Zurich Street Parade is an unmissable event for music aficionados and those seeking an exceptional celebration of electronic music and dance. With its exhilarating lineup, diverse audience and captivating atmosphere, this festival is an annual highlight on the global music calendar.

As the sun sets over the picturesque city of Zurich, the streets come alive with a symphony of beats, transforming the city into a mesmerising playground of sound and movement. Whether you're a devoted fan or a first-time visitor, the Zurich Street Parade promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you yearning for more.

Can a Swiss city cope with one million party-goers?

The organisers of Street Parade acknowledge that having one million attendees take over a city of 400.000 is bound to be challenging. A Protection & Rescue spokesperson said that preparations have to start three months in advance and that 500 workers are needed to handle all the key services.

Each year 18 tons of material on 16 trucks are needed for the festival. Six temporary clinics are there for party-goers requiring medical attention or transfers to hospital. Over a dozen ambulances, four civil defence vehicles and three rapid rescue boats are also in place to help during the event, as well as a strong police presence.

If you decide to take part in the festivities, the authorities recommend that people wear durable, closed shoes to avoid broken glass and attendees are urged to use sun protection to prevent sun damage in the summer weather

Video credit: Youtube / StreetParade Zurich

How to get to Street Parade in Zurich by public transport

Getting to the Zurich Street Parade is convenient. Visitors from abroad can, of course, easily reach the city by using Zurich Airport. From there, trains, trams, and buses provide direct connections to the city centre. Just take a train to Zurich Main Station (Zurich HB), Enge, Wiedikon or Stadelhofen and walk towards the music!

For ease of movement during Zurich Street Parade, Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) typically runs 20 extra trains on the network, travelling from other Swiss cities to Zurich and back until late at night. In Canton Zurich, daytime S-Bahn services continue until 4am, and trams and local buses also continue to run on a special timetable. If you want to attend Street Parade, (or perhaps you’re wondering how you can completely avoid the event), SBB recommends consulting the online public transport network timetable in advance.

If you are actively looking to avoid Street Parade, you are recommend to stay away from central Zurich on August 10. The whole area around the lake will be off limits to cars from the start of the event until 7am the following day, so if you’re driving in Zurich on August 10, you are advised to stay away from the city centre.

Plan your visit to Zurich Street Parade

Mark your calendars for August 10, 2024, and join the ranks of passionate revellers as Zurich embraces the power of music and the joy of unity in one spectacular event. Check out the Zurich Street Parade website for more information.

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