Geneva International Film Festival

Geneva International Film Festival

Nov 04, 2022Nov 13, 2022
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This November 4 to 13, explore a plethora of the best works of cinema and television at the unique Geneva International Film Festival or GIFF 2022.

The world of cinema in Geneva!

The Geneva International Film Festival showcases amazing new works of cinema and television on the big screen for visitors to discover and enjoy. Whether it be famous actors that visitors have seen many times before or new faces that bring extraordinary performances, the festival has it all.

Highlights of GIFF 2022

The following are some of the highlights of the Geneva International Film Festival in 2022:

Ailleurs si j'y suis 

The film Ailleurs si j'y suis by François Pirot follows a man who escapes his family and professional life and secludes himself in the woods, where he rediscovers his freedom.


Along with films and television, the festival has immersive experiences like Evolver, where visitors can visualise the rhythms and pulsations of the human body, all created by the renowned London studio Marshmallow Laser Feast.


Broker is a Korean movie about a woman who abandons her baby. The child is discovered by two traffickers who attempt to sell the baby to an adoptive family before the mother comes back. This interesting story is directed by Kore-eda Hirokazu.


This Iranian thriller is centred around a woman who believes her husband is cheating on her, but the couple is thrown into a strange encounter that needs to be seen to be described. Mani Haghighi does a fantastic job of combining science fiction and thriller.

Attending the Geneva International Film Festival

Head over to the official Geneva International Film Festival website for more information on the screenings, accommodation, and how to access the venue via public transportation.