Lilu Light Festival

Lilu Light Festival

Jan 07, 2022Jan 16, 2022
Canton Lucerne, Lucerne
Free admission

It’s almost time for the spectacular Lilu Light Festival in Lucerne, which will be taking place from January 6 until January 16 in 2022.

A super lit event in the heart of Lucerne

At the Lilu Light Festival, artists gather from all over the world to present the diverse and interesting aspects of light. Visitors can discover stunning light installations which compliment a cozy winter walk. The programme is very immersive for all the senses, and is vastly different to many other art installations.

For eleven days, the city of Lucerne will be illuminated from 6 to 10pm via the light installations. Hopefully, the weather will remain great throughout the festival.  

There are 20 installations, and these are placed throughout the squares and sights of Lucerne; thus, it is a fantastic way for visitors to experience the entire city in an immersive way. One of the most anticipated installations is the Infinity Room called MOMENTUM which evokes curiosity within the viewer, along with heightening their senses and eliciting illusions through the use of lights, mirrors, and sounds.


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