Woman in Switzerland sent 10 rappen post office bill to be taught lesson

Woman in Switzerland sent 10 rappen post office bill to be taught lesson

According to 20 minuten, a post office in Switzerland wants to collect 10 rappen (Centimes) from a woman who did not frank her post properly. The woman in question argues that sending an invoice for such a small amount of money is absurd, meanwhile, the post office says the invoice should be used as a point of learning.

Woman believes invoice to be a waste of paper

The woman accused of not paying for the proper postage believes that the mini-bill is a waste of paper. She told 20 minuten that the bill shows a lack of proportionality, considering that it probably cost the company more than 10 rappen to send the bill. 

“Especially in times when natural resources should be used sparingly, paper invoices with such ridiculous amounts are pure nonsense”, the woman told 20 minuten. The firm batted back her criticism, saying that the main intention of the mini-bills is “to draw customers’ attention to correct franking.” 

Swiss Post defends itself against allegations of unsustainable business

Swiss Post responded to the woman’s protest by stressing that the group is concerned about environmental and ecological protection and that the business is taking steps to mitigate its environmental impact. However, they also said that the mini-bills would not be going away any time soon. 

Prices for postage have changed in Switzerland since the start of 2022, something that Swiss Post says customers are still getting used to - which makes the mini-bills a good way to get people to remember the new prices. “The franking corresponds to the ticket for a journey from A to B; Here, too, it goes without saying that as a traveller I don't pay the ticket price from two years ago, for example”, Post spokeswoman Silvana Grellmann told 20 minuten

The woman involved has stated that while she disagrees with the invoice, she still intends to pay it quickly since a reminder letter would be even more ridiculous, she said. 



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