Swiss customers pay up to 40 percent more for Netflix than other nations

Swiss customers pay up to 40 percent more for Netflix than other nations

A new comparison by SonntagsBlick has shown that the cost of the streaming service Netflix is up to 40 percent more in Switzerland than in other European countries, despite having equivalent standards of living.

Large price differences for Netflix in Europe

Netflix is highly popular in Switzerland and has been growing significantly in recent years. The latest data estimates that Netflix has 2,8 million Swiss users, 1 million more than in 2019. However, to watch their favourite shows on the internet, families in Switzerland must pay significantly more than their European counterparts.

SonntagsBlick created a price comparison for the streaming service and found that Switzerland pays up to 40 percent more than other countries. Last January, the monthly subscription for the service rose to 18,90 Swiss francs a month for a standard tariff, amounting to 226,80 Swiss francs a year.

Cost of Netflix in Switzerland significantly higher than other countries

This is significantly more than Germany, Italy and Austria, where customers only pay 163,20 Swiss francs a year for a subscription. Despite an equivalent standard of living, Norway pays even less with an annual subscription of just 130,80 Swiss francs - 40 percent less than in Switzerland.

Netflix declined to comment on why its prices range so significantly. A spokesperson for the German Foundation for Consumer Protection said that Netflix should not take Swiss salaries or prices into account when determining their tariffs, as they are a global company with little to no overheads in Switzerland.

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