7 of the best vintage shops in Zurich

7 of the best vintage shops in Zurich

The beautiful Swiss city of Zurich might be famous for having some of the most expensive and exclusive shopping streets, but there is no shortage of wonderful vintage and second-hand shops that offer a variety of goods for affordable prices.

Places to go vintage shopping in Zurich

These stores are essential stops for anyone who wants to acquire lovely vintage or second-hand pieces while wandering through this great Swiss city.

1. The New New

If you’re looking for some new pieces for your urban aesthetic, The New New has it all! From clothes for men, women and children to gorgeous interior design decorations, the store has a fascinating collection. Visitors can also sell their casual, everyday wear pieces, and receive store credit to buy interior design pieces or clothing items.

2. Kleihd

Want to find the perfect dress for a special occasion with a bit of history and flair? Visit the beautiful boutique called Kleihd. Customers can request a private session and the opportunity to try on various dresses and vintage pieces while having the entire boutique to themselves. Additionally, the pieces in the store can also be rented for an event if you are unable to buy a specific piece.

3. Maroni Vintage

Selling some of the most eccentric clothing items in the world, Maroni Vintage will have the perfect unique piece for your tastes! With everything from authentic Louis Vuitton bags to unbranded handmade dresses, this vintage store has an incredible collection. Located in the heart of Zurich, this shop is fantastic for a day of browsing through clothes and accessories.

4. Zürcher Brockenhaus

The Zürcher Brockenhaus is a second-hand store in Zurich that sells just about anything you can imagine, making it a great place to shop for home goods or furniture if you just moved into your new apartment or house. Most of the pieces sold here are vintage or handmade, and a large portion of the profits go towards charities that focus on local social projects or institutions.

5. Barbar Vintage

This family-owned vintage store has been open for over 50 years and has steadily gained popularity over the years. People from all around the world travel to shop the incredible collection of secondhand clothes at Barbar Vintage. Specialising in hippie fashion, this shop has a fun pair of jeans or an idiosyncratic jacket for everyone.

6. the Gallery

Whether you want to shop from the comfort of your home or have an excursion trying on clothes in person, the Gallery offers both options. Explore through their extensive, aesthetically-organised chic collection in-store and online to find the ideal bag, necklace, or blazer for a holiday or going back to school.

7. Limited Stock

Limited Stock is a vintage store that concentrates on interior design. If you’re in need of a new kitchen tea set, a statement dinner table, or an elaborate bathroom design, this store will have it all. They also have a fantastic ceramic section that makes for a great housewarming gift, and not to mention their body care and fragrance section which feature some of the best candles you’ll ever smell.

Stumble upon your new favourite possession at these vintage stores in Zurich

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