Prison in Zurich seeks volunteers to do time

Prison in Zurich seeks volunteers to do time

Are you in need of some peace and quiet? Or miss the isolation that COVID lockdowns once provided? Well look no further than Zurich West, the brand new prison that is looking for volunteers to spend several nights behind bars.

Volunteers to test new Zurich prison

Before the jail accepts prisoners for the first time, the police want to test the prison by using members of the public. Inmates will spend four days in jail, and although they will not receive a salary for their trouble, they will get three square prison meals a day (vegetarian and Halal options are available).

Candidates must live in Zurich or work for the cantonal authorities, be 18 years or older and they must submit to a security check done by the emergency services. Those who don’t enjoy prison life can take early parole and leave at any time.

Chance to see life in a Swiss prison without committing a crime

Prison officials said the experience allows you to “make your own comparison between a crime television series and the reality of prisons in Switzerland.” They say that it gives an ideal opportunity to see what prison life is like, without actually committing a crime.

For those of a romantic bend, officials say couples are able to participate in the trial, but will be separated by sex for the duration. Registrations for new inmates concludes on February 13, with the pilot itself taking place from 12pm on March 24 to 10am on March 27. Those who are interested can register here.

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