People in Switzerland are increasingly worried about the future

People in Switzerland are increasingly worried about the future

A new report by Comparis has found that people in Switzerland are worried about the coming year. The price comparison site discovered that, in addition to the ever-looming presence of COVID, inflation and finances in general remain a major concern.

COVID remains a concern for Swiss people

Over 1.000 people from all cantons in Switzerland took part in the survey in December, and were asked whether they were feeling optimistic or pessimistic about 2022. The report also looked into the primary concerns, or sources of optimism, for respondents, such as in careers, education and living.

Comparis found that four in five people are still worried about the COVID-19 pandemic, as cases continue to rise across the country. 81 percent of respondents were also concerned about inflation, namely, the impact that rising costs will have on their family.

Health insurance and rent costs still high in Switzerland

Chief among the reasons for the pessimism was the burden of rental contracts and mortgages in Switzerland, which remain some of the most expensive in the world. Job losses, a slump in sales output and the high cost of health insurance also caused people concern.

The minority who are optimistic about the new year were characterised by a belief that investments will increase, along with salaries and property value. Those who are optimistic also expect 2022 will give them a wage increase or a higher paid job in Switzerland.

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