Over a quarter of a million jobs now available in Switzerland

Over a quarter of a million jobs now available in Switzerland

The latest Jobradar published by personnel company x28AG has revealed that more than a quarter of a million jobs in Switzerland have been left unfilled since the beginning of July 2022. International companies and entrepreneurs are facing a lack of staff across the majority of sectors, with shortages being most acute in healthcare and skilled labour roles.

Over 250.000 jobs vacancies in Switzerland by September 2022

According to the Jobradar - a tool which counts all the unique job advertisements posted online by job portals and company websites - there were 252.127 jobs available in Switzerland in the third quarter of 2022. Around half of the jobs advertised were on job portals, while the other half were advertised directly by companies.

While this constitutes 7.000 fewer jobs than at the end of June, the number is very high for this time of year. The significant staff shortage found in the report also benefits expats and internationals, as it puts candidates in a stronger position when applying for work and when negotiating work contracts and salaries.

Most Swiss jobs available in Canton Zurich

According to x28AG, the area of the country with the most jobs available was Canton Zurich, with 57.002 vacancies listed in Switzerland’s most populous canton. This was followed by Canton Bern with 41.960 vacancies. The Swiss canton with the fewest jobs available was Appenzell Innerrhoden with just 301 listings.

Similarly to April 2022, the shortage of workers was most acute in nursing, with 7.317 positions in Swiss hospitals going unfilled. The second most common vacancy was for electricians, with 4.837 needed across the country.

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