Around a quarter of a million jobs available in Switzerland

Around a quarter of a million jobs available in Switzerland

According to the latest Jobradar by x28AG, there are around a quarter of a million jobs in Switzerland that are yet to be filled. Across the country, thousands of positions are available to apply for, particularly in Swiss healthcare.

Workers sorely need in Swiss healthcare

The personnel company x28AG takes its findings from the number of job advertisements on the job portals of international companies and personnel service providers. From that, they take these samples and use them to calculate the number of vacancies available in the country as a whole.

The job platform recorded 246.942 open vacancies in the first quarter of 2022. According to its findings published on Monday, the most acute need for workers was in nursing, with 13.698 jobs available in Swiss hospitals and pharmacies. This perhaps isn’t surprising as many nurses left their jobs during the COVID pandemic.

Canton Zurich has the most jobs available

In terms of international companies, Coop were looking for 2.278 new employees in the first quarter of the year. In addition, many Swiss banks like Credit Suisse and institutions of government like the city council of Zurich are still on the hunt for hundreds of new workers.

Canton Zurich had the most number of vacancies available, followed by Canton Bern, Aargau and St. Gallen. Industry leaders in hospitality have said in recent weeks that they have struggled to attract new workers and have been forced to offer far more competitive salaries and work contracts to get new blood through the door.

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