New capsule hotel launches in Zurich Airport

New capsule hotel launches in Zurich Airport

A brand new hotel has opened in Zurich Airport, with an emphasis on being small and compact. The brand new capsule hotel is available to travellers who want a small pod to call home while staying at the airport.

New capsule hotel at Zurich's Airport

The Alpine Garden Capsule Hotel is a brand new facility opposite check-in 1 at Zurich Airport. The Swiss-made sleeping capsules are meant to attract single travellers and entrepreneurs, who want to catch 40 winks before they catch their flight or continue their journey into Zurich.


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The hotel has 144 pods of four square metres, which are individually air-conditioned, lockable and soundproof. The capsule features amenities such as lights, plugs, a mirror, two coat hangers and a stunning indoor vista. 

Swiss capsule hotel inspired by nature in the alps

Along with the capsule, the hotel also offers a meeting area for guests, a bar and a workstation for workers on business trips. Showering facilities are available, but they are shared among guests. Prices range from 45 to 70 Swiss francs a night, a bargain in comparison to most hotels in Swiss airports.

The Zurich Airport branch of the hotel is designed around the work of nature photographer Fabio Zingg, who wanted to showcase the nature of the Swiss mountains in his hotel design. The new development joins similar capsule hotels in Lucerne, Basel and in the city of Zurich itself. 

If you want to try it out yourself, check out the official website.

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