Vinokilo - Vintage Kilo Pop Up Store

Vinokilo - Vintage Kilo Pop Up Store

Nov 04, 2021Nov 06, 2021
Thursday & Friday at 11pm-7pm; Saturday at 9am-5pm
Westquaistrasse 19, 4057
Free (registration required)

If you have a soft spot for fashion pieces from the 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s - or if you just love vintage, sustainable or thrift shopping or shopping in general - then you’ve certainly got something to be pleased about!

Vinokilo, the renowned vintage kilo pop up store brings high-quality clothing from popular brands from the 60s to the 90s to cities all over Europe. This autumn, don't miss the pop-up store in Basel!

What to expect at Vinokilo Vintage Kilo Pop Up Store

This series of pop-up store events organised by Vinokilo in Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy and many more countries - offers a massive collection of vintage clothing in so many styles and sizes. If you're looking for vintage skirts and dresses, jackets and sweatshirts or accessories, you'll find plenty at Vinokilo. Stylish and sustainable masks are also available to buy for people who arrive without one.

Photo: courtesy of Vinokilo VinoKilo Vintage Kilo Pop Up Store Switzerland

The majority of the clothes found at Vinokilo are well-known brand names. However, just because you'll find fancy brands doesn't mean the clothes are expensive - in fact, Vinokilo is renowned for its extremely affordable clothes.

40 euros for each kilo of clothing

As the Vinokilo name suggests, what you pay at the checkout is determined by weight, and you pay 55 to 60 Swiss francs for each kilo of clothing. This is an amazing way to spend less while acting responsibly and sustainably. Not only that, but each clothing item is unique - it's not common that you'd come across them again in any store so no need to worry about ending up dressed the same as your friend!

Vinokilo Pop Up opening times in Basel

Here are the opening times of the pop-up vintage store at Westquaistrasse 19, 4057, Basel:

  • Thursday, November 4: 11pm-7pm
  • Friday, November 5: 11pm-7pm
  • Saturday, November 6: 9am-5pm

Photo: courtesy of Vinokilo VinoKilo Vintage Kilo Pop Up Store

Vinokilo online store

If you can’t make it to the Vinokilo Pop-Up event in person in Basel on November 5-6, you can always shop on their website. Their clothing is available online 365 days a year, and you can use the filter to sort the clothing items according to your needs - making vintage shopping easier than ever! 

Attending the Vinokilo Pop-Up Store in Basel

If you’re up for some serious shopping, then book your time slot through the Vinokilo website. Coronavirus regulations are in place at the event. For more details about the event and regulations, visit the official Vinokilo website.

Thumb photo: courtesy of Vinokilo