Suisse Caravan Salon

Suisse Caravan Salon

Oct 26, 2023Oct 30, 2023
9.30am-6pm (until 8pm on Friday)
BERNEXPO Gelände, Mingerstrasse 6, 3000
10 Swiss francs

In search of a new caravan or motor home? Planning a staycation to see the main attractions like historical sites, castles and lakes in Switzerland? Or perhaps you're planning to drive across the border to countries like Germany or the Netherlands?

Suisse Caravan Salon is the prime event for seeking out motor homes, caravans and their related accessories. Meet like-minded individuals, gain new insights and plan your dream road trips!

The biggest trade fair for motor homes and caravans on the planet

Prepare to attend the biggest trade fair for motor homes and caravans on the planet. The travel industry has changed beyond recognition as we become more and more aware of our carbon footprint when we travel by plane. Meanwhile, the caravanning community have really come to appreciate their mode of travel more than ever before!

Do you itch to go on holidays by driving instead of facing all the commotion and queues at airports? Are you a big fan of hitting the open motorways with all the everyday things you could possibly need packed in the back? Are you partial to being in the "caravan community"? Whether you're a well-travelled caravan road-tripper or just testing the waters, Suisse Caravan Salon in Bern is guaranteed to offer you and your family the insider's view of caravans and motor homes!

Suisse Caravan Salon is for anyone with even the remotest interest in the caravan lifestyle. It’s a place to acquire tips and contacts as well as a forum for first-time owners of pleasure motor homes or existing motor home owners in need of an upgrade.

Photo: courtesy of Suisse Caravan Salon Suisse Caravan Salon Bern

Plan your visit to Caravan Salon

Here are the main details you'll need to know for planning your visit:

  • Dates: October 26-30
  • Times: 10am–6pm (until 8pm on Friday)
  • Location: BERNEXPO Gelände, Mingerstrasse 6, 3000 Bern 

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Suisse Caravan Salon Bern Switzerland

Photo: courtesy of Suisse Caravan Salon

Thumb photo: courtesy of Suisse Caravan Salon