Rendez-vous Bundesplatz

Rendez-vous Bundesplatz

Oct 21, 2023Nov 25, 2023
Free admission

Captivate yourself in sight and sound at the free light and sound show at Rendez-vous Bundesplatz in Bern. At the event, held annually every October and November, the entirety of the federal parliament is lit up in a sea of colour and characters.

Rendez-vous Bundesplatz in Bern

Every year, the residents of the de-facto capital of Switzerland are treated to a completely free light show that truly has to be seen to be believed: Rendez-Vous Bundesplatz. Using the latest lighting and sound technology, organisers create stunning frescos and scenes that entice and delight families and individuals alike. The vibrancy of the colours, paired with the open-air setting, makes it truly an experience to remember!

The screen for the light show is none other than the Federal Parliament, one of the most important buildings in Switzerland. People crowd into the Bundesplatz to catch a glimpse of the lights in action, which are able to transform the classicist and neo-renaissance facade of parliament into a vibrant canvas of colour.

Want a taste of what to expect? Check out the show from 2022:

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Immerse yourself in Rendez-vous Bundesplatz - Mystic

In 2023, the theme of Rendez-Vous Bundesplatz is Mystic. As part of the performance, viewers are taken on a journey through an extraordinary forest. Strong tree roots, mushrooms and artistic spider webs appear to envelop parliament, with special appearances from bears, talking trees and other fairytale creatures.

Brigitte Roux, the organiser of this year’s free light show, said the performance is meant to captivate the audience and show them all the wonders that forests have to offer.

Rendez-Vous Bundesplatz

Image credit: © Starlight Events

Important information about the free light show in Bern

Rendez-Vous Bundesplatz - Mystic is set to run from October 21 to November 25, 2023, with shows from Tuesday to Sunday at 7, 8 and 9pm each night. The Bundesplatz, where the light show takes place, is easily accessible via public transport and is only a few minutes walk from Bern Main Station.

Visually impaired visitors are able to follow the show via the Greta mobile app - make sure to bring your own headphones! A special "red" zone will also be allocated to disabled people in wheelchairs and children so that they can catch the show with no tall people in the way!

Please note that no light shows will be taking place on October 22 (due to the federal elections), and November 15 (due to a state visit). For more information about this spectacular event, check out the Rendez-Vous Bundesplatz website.

Thumb image credit: © Starlight Events