Zurich Marathon

Zurich Marathon

Apr 23, 2023
Canton Zurich, Zurich
Various prices, tickets starting from 49 euros

Challenge yourself at the 19th edition of the Zurich Marathon on April 23 this year. Challenge yourself with an invigorating run through and around Zurich and Lake Zurich.

Choose your run

The Zurich Marathon offers three different types of runs: The main Zurich Marathon, The Zuri City Run, and the Zurich half-marathon. The first option is perfect for the running elite, spanning 42.195 kilometres through the beautiful city of Zurich, and along Lake Zurich. The city-run route is a stunning 10-kilometre route through the attractive Zurich city centre, perfect for runners who are less experienced.

The classic half-marathon of 21.1 kilometres takes you along Lake Zurich, and into the main city centre. The website showcases all the different routes, including a detailed map of each route. It also offers information on how to prepare for the marathon properly, as well as how to get to the start of the marathon.

Lastly, the marathon offers refreshments such as energy bars, water, or a banana about every 3.5 kilometres throughout the marathon. After finishing the marathon, all participants will receive food and drinks.

Get ready to prepare for the marathon

Check the official Zurich Marathon website for information on registration.