Winterthur Christmas Market

Winterthur Christmas Market

Nov 25, 2021Dec 23, 2021
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Along with the jolly Christmas spirit comes the incredible Winterthur Christmas Market! This picturesque market takes place in Winterthur, Switzerland and it is brimming with stalls that offer hats, candles, handcrafted goods, and many more items that make for perfect Christmas gifts.

One of the most stunning Christmas markets in Switzerland

Every year, this Christmas market attracts many visitors and tourists to Switzerland’s sixth-largest city, Winterthur. The market takes place in the middle of the old city, with the perfect background of old townhouses, along with a plethora of wooden Christmas houses that are decorated with soft lights.

The city of Winterthur is incredibly old, with its origin dating back to the Roman Empire, and the modern-day Winterthur was established 1922. However, much of the old architecture has been still preserved to this day. With the beautiful variety of buildings present at the festival, it is a fantastic start to a winter holiday that is perfect for families with kids.

Plan your trip today!

Are you ready to spend your Christmas preparations at the lovely Winterthur Christmas Market? Make sure to head over to the official website for information about the various stalls, public transportation from other Swiss cities, hotels, and all COVID-19 related information.