Lucerne Cheese Festival

Lucerne Cheese Festival

Oct 14, 2023

Cheese lovers, get ready for a day dedicated to Swiss cheese in downtown Lucerne. The Lucerne Cheese Festival is the largest cheese market in Central Switzerland. Discover the variety of cheeses from the heart of Switzerland, from the world-famous Emmenthal to the lesser-known delicacies.

Many kinds of cheese at Lucerne Cheese Festival

Did you know that Switzerland is home to over 475 kinds of cheese? The festival is framed with a varied selection of offerings. Cheese like Emmenthal, Appenzeller, Gruyère, Le Vacherin Fribourgeois and Raclette, and so many more kinds of cheese, will be there for all to enjoy!

Swiss cheese boasts a long tradition and Sbrinz is Switzerland's oldest hard cheese. The pride of the Central Plateau, Sbrinz was exported to Italy as early as 1530, where it was exchanged for salt and wine. It is made from pure raw milk and matures for at least 16-18 months until it is wonderfully crumbly. This not only gives it its characteristic crumbling texture but is also extremely easy to digest.

Quality is guaranteed at the event. Many of the cheeses featured at the festival have been awarded an AOP (Appellation d'origine contrôlée) label, which is exclusive to certain kinds of very high quality French and Swiss agricultural products.

Cheese market in the iconic city centre of Lucerne

The market takes place on Kapellplatz (Chapel Square), one of the most popular and bustling city squares in central Lucerne. Kapellplatz is named after St. Peter's Chapel, which is located between the square and the famous bridge, Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge). This iconic covered wooden footbridge, possibly the most famous bridge in Switzerland, is lined with art, and, just like Kapellplatz, is also named after St. Peter's Chapel.

Getting to Lucerne Cheese Festival

Lucerne Cheese Festival is centrally located, at Kapellplatz, which is well sign-posted due to its prominence. Lucerne, in turn, is centrally located in Switzerland. Thanks to its location and connectivity, Lucerne can be reached very easily from other Swiss cities by public transportation, so plan your trip and get ready to taste some amazing cheese! Check out the Lucerne Cheese Festival website (in German) for more details.