Geneva launches new online service to help newcomers apply for residence

Geneva launches new online service to help newcomers apply for residence

State officials in Canton Geneva have launched a new service which allows newcomers in the city to register in Switzerland via the internet. The system is designed to streamline applications for residence permits, and speed up other services handled by local councils (Gemeinde).

New online system launched for communal services in Geneva

According to the cantonal council, the new system is designed to “allow private citizens to conduct their administrative business remotely.” The service, available in French and English, will give Swiss citizens and residents faster access to communal services, and allow newcomers to register with their municipality online.

What services are offered through the new online system in Geneva

Through the online system, Swiss citizens and people already resident in Switzerland can change their address, entrepreneurs and international companies can apply for permits for new workers, and new arrivals are able to apply for residence permits and register with their local municipality.

Applying for Swiss residence permits online will require verification

To use the system in its entirety, users need to verify their identity with the cantonal authorities. This can be done online, where applicants complete a registration form and use a verification code sent through the post. Alternatively, people can get immediately verified in person:

  • If you already live in Geneva and pay taxes, you can register at the Office of the Tax Administration (Hôtel des Finances) with your mobile phone and proof of identity (i.e driving licence or passport).
  • If you are applying to live in Geneva, simply present proof of identity and your mobile phone to the Office of the Civil Registrar.

In all cases, a working and accessible email address is required so that you may access your account.

Geneva hopes new online portal will help streamline services

The Cantonal Office for Population and Migration told World Radio Switzerland that the system will streamline the application process for a number of state functions, as it does not allow uncompleted forms to be sent in - around 80 percent of first applications received by the canton are incomplete.

For more information about the system, please visit the official website of Canton Geneva.

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