What will the weather be like in Switzerland this Ascension weekend?

What will the weather be like in Switzerland this Ascension weekend?

This week, workers across the country will be treated to at least one day off as part of the Ascension holiday on May 18, with many choosing to take the extra day of paid leave to make it a four-day weekend. For those looking to kick back and maybe go on holiday this week, here’s what the weather in Switzerland has in store.

What will the weather be like in Switzerland on Ascension?

Barring the first day of summer two weeks ago, the weather in Switzerland has been damp at best, dismally soggy at worst. The extent of the rainfall in previous weeks has scuppered many an expert's prediction about drought in the alpine nation, along with possibly hundreds of barbeque plans which have been rain checked. 

Now, with the Ascension weekend upon us, and as Swiss cities and resorts prepare to wow tourists with anything from drone shows to roller discos, meteorologists have given their verdict on what travellers in Switzerland should pack for the long weekend. They concluded that while conditions will improve, a rain jacket is still a wise thing to bring.

Best weather in Switzerland to be found in Ticino

According to MeteoNews, partly sunny and increasingly warm weather is expected across southern Switzerland on the weekend of Ascension. In Ticino - the most popular place for the Swiss to visit in spring - temperatures will peak at around 20 degrees celsius with patchy sunshine between Thursday and Sunday. However, be warned that the warm, humid conditions will mean rain and thunderstorms are a risk on every day of the holiday.

Warm but cloudy weather expected in most Swiss cities

North of the mountains, the weather is set to remain dry until Saturday at the latest - however, do bear in mind that it has been raining near-constantly for the past few weeks, so muddy conditions underfoot will continue despite the lack of rain. Temperatures will hover around 20 degrees for the whole weekend, although the mercury could peak at 25 degrees in some areas.

Sadly the warm temperatures will not be accompanied by clear skies. MeteoNews forecast that western, central and northern areas around Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich, Lucerne, Basel and St. Gallen will not get much sun, with the rays of Ticino replaced with high fog and clouds from Thursday to Saturday. Rain and thunderstorms are also expected on Sunday.

Swiss Alps brace for rain and thunderstorms

For those looking to visit the Alps, be warned that rain and thunderstorms are forecast in high-altitude areas throughout the weekend. Those looking to do their favourite alpine hike should check the forecast regularly and prepare equipment accordingly.

Will the weather on Whit Monday be any better?

With the Ascension weekend proving a mixed bag, many families and individuals will be hoping that the next public holiday, Whit Monday as part of Pentecost, will provide some clearer skies. The celebration in just two weeks' time is expected to be accompanied by “rather sunny days” across the whole country, with temperatures of 20 to 24 degrees, according to MeteoSwiss. However, 20 Minuten noted that this long-term forecast is subject to change.

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