7 best places to see cherry blossom in Switzerland

7 best places to see cherry blossom in Switzerland

One of nature’s most stunning phenomena has to be the emergence of the delicate white and pink petals of cherry blossom in the spring and summertime. As beautiful as they are fleeting, cherry blossoms bloom in many places in Switzerland. Here are six of our favourite locations to see them.

A quick introduction to cherry blossom

Cherry blossom refers to the flowering of cherry trees. For just a few weeks every year, cherry trees explode in a sea of white and off-pink petals, which are both pleasantly pungent and stunningly beautiful.

While cherry trees can be found across the northern hemisphere, cherry blossom itself is mainly cultivated and celebrated in Japan. Hence, many of the ornamental cherry trees you see in Europe are donations from the land of the rising sun. In Japanese culture, cherry blossoms are steeped in meaning, with the petals’ short lifespan meant to be a symbol of the vibrant yet fleeting passing of both nature and time.

When do cherry blossoms bloom in Switzerland?

Cherry blossoms tend to bloom in Switzerland at the end of March and the beginning of April. However, the weather has a significant part to play, with warmer conditions tending to speed up the process. This means cherry trees in places like Ticino tend to bloom earlier than those in northern Switzerland.

Once they have bloomed, you have to be quick, as the petals only stay for up to 14 days! 

Where to see cherry blossom

So where can you see cherry blossom in Switzerland? There are several places where you can catch the enchanting natural event, many of which are either in or just a stone’s throw away from major Swiss cities.

As a general rule, the majority of cherry trees in cities are ornamental, meaning they are only there for shade and aesthetic purposes. However, some of the best places to see cherry blossoms in the alpine nation are in the fields where cherries are cultivated for their fruit. The list below provides a mixture of both ornamental and cultivated cherry blossoms:

1. The Cherry Trail in the Frick Valley

The best place to see cherry blossom in Switzerland has to be the special Cherry Trail (Chriesiwäg) around Gipf-Oberfrick in the Fricktal, Canton Aargau. The fully signposted walk takes you either five (short route) or nine (long route) kilometres around the surrounding countryside, which is packed to the brim with cherry trees that blossom in stunning white and light pink.

The Fricktal was one of the first places in Switzerland to start cultivating cherries, which were first brought to the area in the 1st century AD. At one point, 6.771 cherry trees were counted in Gipf-Oberfrick alone, and 60.000 in the entire district of Laufenberg. While it is a stunning place to visit during the blossoming season, July and August are also great times to go to Gipf-Oberfrick, as that is when the cherries are freshly picked and sold in the town.

Cherry blossom trail in Fricktal, Switzerland

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2. Switzerland’s cherry canton: Zug

Did you know that the nickname for Zug is the City of Cherries? Far from being always known for international companies and low taxes, the city and canton first made its name through the cherry industry and the manufacture of cherry schnapps called Kirsch - a digestif that many people have neat or in cheese fondue

This is why some of the city’s most iconic events and traditions are themed around cherries. It's also why the official cake is the Zug Cherrytorte or Kirschtorte - a cherry schnapps-infused sponge cake.

Like Aargau, Zug also has its own cherry blossom trails for people to enjoy. The longest route recommended is to take to the hills above the city and follow the eastern side of Lake Zug towards Arth-Goldau. Along the way, you will be able to see wild cherry trees and those that are used to cultivate the fresh cherries that are enjoyed nationwide.

If you don’t feel like going the whole way, there are bailout points at the stations at Oberwil, Walchwil and Arth. You can find more details about the route on the official website of Zug Tourism.

Cherry blossom in Zug, Switzerland

3. The Rose Garden in Bern

If you want to see ornamental cherry blossom, then a trip to the Rose Garden (Rosengarten) in Bern is a must. Pairing a stunning view of the de-facto capital with a sea of pink and white petals, the garden during cherry blossom season truly is amazing to see. 

The cherry trees of the Rose Garden were donated by Japanese farmer and beekeeper Yoshiyuki Urata, who studied in St. Gallen in the 1970s. According to the city of Bern, he was so fascinated and impressed by working in Switzerland that he gifted the "capital" 100 cherry trees. Now, the whole population of Bern can indulge in his kindness.

Rose Garden in Bern, Switzerland

4. The Arboretum at the Vallon De L’Aubonne

It’s not designed entirely around cherry blossoms, but the National Arboretum at Aubonne in Canton Vaud is a picture postcard for anyone who loves trees. 3.000 different species of tree, including cherry trees, are preserved and kept in the rolling hills of the facility, making for an enchanting walk.

What’s more, the arboretum opens in late March, just in time (hopefully) to see cherry blossom!

Arboretum in Canton Vaud, Switzerland

5. Parc De L’Ariana in Geneva

While not as impressive as the cherry blossom trails offered by other locations, Geneva does have a couple of spots where blossom fanatics can get their fix. The most impressive has to be in the Parc De L’Ariana. While the Ariana itself is a museum famous for its collection of ceramic and glass art, the park next door boasts 20 ornamental cherry trees.

These trees were donated to the city by the Japanese government in 2014 to commemorate 150 years since diplomatic relations were first established between Japan and Switzerland in 1864. Several cherry trees can also be found in the Jardin des Alpes by the Brunswick Monument.

Cherry blossom in Geneva, Switzerland

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6. The Elysee Museum in Lausanne 

If you want to see cherry blossoms in Lausanne, then a trip to the Elysee Museum is the thing to do. Once you’ve had your fill of the stunning photography on display, the nearby park is awash with cherry blossom trees!

With the subtle beauty of the trees combined with great views of the mountains across the lake, it is also a great spot for a picnic or romantic chat. Cherry blossom in Lausanne, Switzerland

7. Where to see cherry blossom in Zurich

Like other Swiss cities, Zurich does not have a single “spot” to see cherry blossom. However, many of the Swiss metropolis' squares, parks and boulevards are blessed with cherry trees. For parks, Rieterpark and Belvoirpark both have cherry trees, while the trees in Stauffacher offer up a beautiful purple blossom.

Finally, several of Zurich’s streets are lined with ornamental cherry trees that are perfect for a springtime photo shoot. These are Seestrassse between Enge and Museum Rietberg, Bertastrasse, Gertrudstrasse, Zentralstrasse, Gasometerstrasse and Rotbuchstrasse.

Cherry blossom in Zurich, Switzerland

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Get your cherry blossom fix in Switzerland

Now that you know where to look, we hope you enjoy indulging in all that cherry blossom season has to offer. Do you have any places to recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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