Largest drone show in Europe to take to the skies of Geneva in 2023

Largest drone show in Europe to take to the skies of Geneva in 2023

The canton and city of Geneva in Switzerland has announced that they will be putting on a new drone light show every day of the Ascension weekend in 2023. Authorities confirmed that the event will be the largest drone display ever attempted in Europe.

Largest drone show in Europe to be held in Geneva on Ascension weekend

According to the Tribune de Genève (TDG), the local council (Gemeinde) and cantonal authorities in Geneva have confirmed that they will be putting on a massive drone show at 10pm every evening between May 18 and 21, the weekend of the Ascension holidays. The main event will be held in the skies above Lake Geneva (lac Leman), in the harbour of the city.

As part of the show, 1.350 drones will be used to create stunning images in the sky, making it the largest drone show ever to be held in Europe. For comparison, only 400 drones were used to create the platinum jubilee show for the late Queen Elizabeth the Second in the UK.

Roller skate disco and musical parties also planned in Geneva, Switzerland

Responding to the newspaper, Geneva President Mauro Poggia said that they wanted to use a drone show instead of a fireworks display due to increasing resistance against using fireworks for noise and environmental reasons. A study done by TDG in July 2022 found that 61 percent of Genevan residents didn’t want to use fireworks to celebrate Swiss national day, so it is perhaps unsurprising to find that there is little enthusiasm to use them to celebrate Ascension.

Along with the record-breaking drone light show, authorities confirmed that a number of other events and festivals will run in Geneva between May 18 and 21. Music concerts, sports and entertainment venues are all in the pipeline, to be announced at a later date. Topping off the festivities, the famous Mont-Blanc bridge in the centre of town will be closed to drivers for a roller-skating party on one of the days, and a stand-up paddleboard race on the lake is also being planned.

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