[Video] TikTok account showcasing Swiss natural beauty hits 3 million followers

[Video] TikTok account showcasing Swiss natural beauty hits 3 million followers

TikTok user Marco Pereira has taken the online world by storm with a series of stunning viral videos showcasing Switzerland’s natural beauty. The TikTok account by the name of “swiss_beautiful” has gathered more than 3 million followers since its owner started posting less than a year ago.

Videos of stunning Swiss scenery filmed on creator’s phone

While the videos posted by Pereira appear vibrant and professional, the viral video star says he actually shoots all of them using the camera on his mobile phone. “Using a camera and all that stuff, I don't understand it at all. I film with my mobile phone. I think that way people feel a lot more like they're there than when the shots are very professional", Pereira told Blick.


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Pereira is not a full-time content creator, though. He actually works in the construction industry and claimed to know very few social media tricks. “To be honest, I have no idea about algorithms. Many influencers watch tutorials on how to get more followers quickly. I didn't do that. I just started posting and using as many hashtags as you can," he added.

Portuguese content creator with a big passion for Switzerland

Remarkably, though many would assume Pereira to be a Swiss citizen, he is actually an expat hailing from Portugal, having moved to Switzerland 25 years ago. “My parents wanted us children to have a better life. When I came to Switzerland, I was immediately fascinated by the mountains. It was very different from Portugal," he said. 

While much of his content is popular on TikTok, you can also check out many of his videos on Instagram too. Using the account handle @swiss.beautiful_, he wows a further 2,3 million followers with his stunning content. Here’s one of the most popular videos posted to his Instagram account, where you can find many more short videos of Switzerland’s mountains, dazzling Swiss lakes and some intriguing historical sites in Switzerland!

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