[Video] Roger Federer and Trevor Noah star in new viral ad for Switzerland

[Video] Roger Federer and Trevor Noah star in new viral ad for Switzerland

After wowing viewers with Roger Federer and Anne Hathaway showcasing the Grand Tour of Switzerland, the national tourism board has released a brand new video starring the recently-retired tennis player and half-Swiss comedian and former host of The Daily Show Trevor Noah. Despite some small continuity errors that can be picked up by Swiss viewers, the video is awash with jokes and stunning scenery.

New viral video to advertise the Goldenpass Express

The new ad, designed to advertise the Goldenpass Express line between Montreux, Canton Vaud and Interlaken, Canton Bern, sees Noah and Federer declare that “it’s a Switzerland Tourism ad, it doesn’t have to be funny.” The two would go on to board the wrong train to Interlaken, without money or a mobile phone.

On the two-hour ride, the two are captivated by the stunning scenery in the mountains as they head from Montreux towards the top ski resort. They also have a near escape when confronted without a public transport ticket. At this point, it’s probably best to show you:

Video: MySwitzerland / YouTube

Federer and Noah caused a stir when filming in Zurich

The two stars caused quite a stir in the Swiss media in January after they were pictured filming the station part of the ad in Zurich Main Station - curious, given that the train they are advertising never goes to Zurich. Nevertheless, it is hoped that a dusting of star power will attract more people to the Goldenpass Express, which along with the Glacier Express, runs along one of the most beautiful routes in the country.

Video: Financial Times / YouTube

Thumb image: / Leonard Zhukovsky

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