6 great places to visit in Canton Zurich with your free ZVV ticket

6 great places to visit in Canton Zurich with your free ZVV ticket

In Switzerland, it’s very rare to get something for free, but when you do, you have to avail yourself of all the facilities. To take advantage of the free ZVV ticket on October 22, here are six stunning places to visit in Canton Zurich that are off the beaten path.

Best places to visit with your free ticket for Zurich on October 22

To celebrate its 150th anniversary, a Swiss insurance provider, Zurich Insurance, has promised to pay for everyone's public transport ticket on October 22, valid for use within Canton Zurich and some surrounding areas. For more information on how to claim the ticket, check out our piece on the free ZVV transport ticket for October 22.

The ticket, paid for by the international company, will give riders access to the entire ZVV transport network, including the places that are hardest to reach. With that in mind, here are six stunning places you can visit on Saturday using your free all-zone transport ticket.

1. Stammheim

Right on the border between Canton Zurich and Thurgau is the town of Stammheim. This small town is the epitome of Swiss architecture and peaceful tranquillity, with wooden houses, quiet streets and views across the Unterland.

The town itself is famous for one thing: wine. The wine tours around the vineyards and valleys of Stammheim are a relaxing series of walks suitable for all abilities. The circular Route 851 going from Stammheim to the stunning Schwandegg castle is even wheelchair accessible. Be sure to do the walks early on Saturday morning so that the local wine shops (Weingut) are still open!

Plus, with Stammheim only being an hour's train ride away from Zurich, and within the ZVV transport region, you will be able to get to the area for free without driving, allowing you to indulge in as much wine tasting as you please.

2. Kyburg Castle 

Whenever you look at the history of castles in Switzerland, especially in Canton Zurich, you will come across the name "Kyburg" a lot. To see where this powerful family called home, take a bus from Effretikon train station to Kyburg, Dorf and walk to Kyburg Castle.

The castle itself is well-maintained and contains a number of exhibits showcasing medieval life and weaponry. The top of the main tower also provides a stunning view of the mountains and of our next recommended excursion spot.

Kyburg castle Switzerland

3. Tösstal 

Following the river, the Tösstal east of Winterthur is perfect for a walk or gentle cycle ride. From wide open valleys to forests and charming small towns, the area from Sennhof-Kyburg to Bauma has it all. 

Practically the whole Tösstal valley is served by the S26 from Winterthur going east and the S41 going west. If you find yourself in Bauma on Saturday, be sure to check out the Zurich Oberland Steam Railway (DVZO), which should be running services between Bauma and Hinwil using genuine steam engines from the 1900s - although this journey is not covered by the free ticket.

Video: Bahnland Schweiz / YouTube

4. Regensberg

Another imposing castle that is off the beaten track: Regensberg is well worth a visit. Sitting atop a 150-metre hill, the castle gives you uninterrupted views of Zurich Airport, the Unterland and even Germany if the weather is clear.

After taking the bus to Regenberg from Dielsdorf train station, and looking around the castle complex, another stunning walk can be done between Regensberg and Otelfingen, taking you through enchanting forests and charming small towns. For the more experienced hikers, Regensberg is also the start of the route to the city of Baden (Route 5), although it is classified as an alpine path so be sure to come prepared. Also bear in mind that Baden is outside the ZVV transport area.

Regensberg castle Switzerland

5. Rheinfall

If you play your cards right, technically speaking, you are able to see the largest waterfall in Europe using only the free ZVV ticket. Rheinfall is especially impressive this time of year, as the increased rainfall swells the already gigantic waterfall.

To visit Rheinfall using the free ZVV ticket, you will have to use the S12 or S33 from Winterthur and get off at Schloss Laufen am Rheinfall. Using the stop at Neuhausen or Neuhausen am Rheinfall, or taking the S9 or RE services through Germany, will require an additional ticket.

visit Rheinfall Switzerland

6. Take a boat from Zurich to Rapperswil

As the ZVV all-zone ticket applies to buses, trams, trains and boats, the long boat trip from Zurich to Rapperswil can be taken for free on Saturday! The two-hour-long boat ride from the top of Lake Zurich to where it meets the Untersee gives passengers a great view of the Gold and Silver coasts in warmth and comfort (provided you are seated inside).

Once you arrive, Rapperswil is a beautiful old town with its own castle - make sure to look out for the deer grazing on the castle's grounds. Bear in mind that on October 22 it is likely that boat services will be especially popular, so do prepare accordingly.

Where are you planning to go with your free ZVV ticket? Let us know in the comments below! 

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