October 2022 was the hottest October ever recorded in Switzerland

October 2022 was the hottest October ever recorded in Switzerland

October 2022 was the hottest October ever recorded in Switzerland, according to data from the Federal Meteorological Service. The month was the hottest October since records began in 1864, almost 158 years ago.

Unseasonably warm autumn temperatures in Switzerland

As November begins, people in Switzerland can look back on an unusually warm month, where many Swiss cities had T-shirt weather right up to the end of October. According to Blick, temperatures have likely never been this warm in October, with the Federal Meteorological Service adding that temperatures were around 3,8 degrees Celsius above average. 

Several mountains are yet to see their first winter snow and many ski resorts hoping to open early have had their hopes dashed by the warm October weather. Temperatures over 26 degrees were recorded in several Swiss cantons in recent weeks. However, the mild weather may be about to fade away. 

Colder weather headed to Switzerland

To the relief of some, more typical Swiss autumn weather is now forecast for early November. According to MeteoSwiss, by Friday this week, temperatures are set to drop to a low of minus 1 degrees Celsius in the mountains, and far cooler temperatures are expected in the cities. The rapid change between warm and cold weather is also likely to be accompanied by some rain, and there could even be some snow!

MeteoSwiss noted that the warm weather trend has continued throughout the year, coming as a welcome break for many worried about rising utility bills or energy shortages. On the other hand, the warm temperatures have unnerved some climate scientists, who have also observed sky-high temperatures across Europe during the spring and summer. 

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