Man in Switzerland runs 1.000 kilometres in 28 days while fasting

Man in Switzerland runs 1.000 kilometres in 28 days while fasting

A man from near St. Gallen has taken his body to the limit by running 1.000 kilometres in 28 days while fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. According to 20 Minuten, Besim Ajeti successfully managed to juggle a job, children and not eating or drinking throughout his gruelling ordeal.

Man runs 1.000 kilometres while working and fasting

Speaking to 20 Minuten, Ajeti confirmed that he was able to run 1.000 kilometres in just 28 days while observing the Islamic month of Ramadan, which does not allow observers to eat during daylight. During the challenge, he also had to balance the responsibility of working full-time and having two children to care for.

Amazingly, on the last day, he was able to run 50 kilometres despite abstaining from food and drink for a whole 24 hours. Ajeti, who moved from Kosovo to Switzerland in 2000, said that his runner's high began during the COVID pandemic and hasn’t abated since. “Running is my life. I love the challenges and the action that comes with them,” he told reporters.

Ajeti plans to run from Vaduz to Schaffhausen in one day

“I work during the day as a cutter of metal straps. After work, I look after my twins at home and in the evening, after my wife has put the children to bed, I use the time to do sports,” Ajeti explained. He added that he uses social media like TikTok to inspire people to run. “I receive huge support from everywhere…That makes me extremely happy because I love helping people.”

So what’s next for Switzerland’s Iron Man? Ajeti confirmed that he hopes to run 150 kilometres from Vaduz to Schaffhausen - visiting four countries - in just a day. When asked what he plans to do next Ramadan, he concluded that while he has no plans yet, “One thing is for sure, I always want to keep up with sport and get even better. I feel like I can do even more.”

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