Limmat Swim in Zurich: What you need to know

Limmat Swim in Zurich: What you need to know

After a two-year COVID delay, the Limmat Swim in Zurich is back! Here’s what you need to know about the Limmat-Schwimmen, how to apply for the event, and when the swim is expected to take place.

What is the Limmat Swim (Limmat-Schwimmen)?

The Limmat Swim (Limmat-Schwimmen) is a public swim through the old town of Zurich, from the Frauenbad swimming pool near where the river meets like the lake, to the swimming pool of Oberer Letten. Due to the current, most non-competitive swimmers will float down the two-kilometre stretch of river, allowing you to relax, see the sites and leave the water refreshed.

Swimming on this stretch of the Limmat is usually prohibited, so the event presents one of the few opportunities to see some of the city’s great historical sites from the water. The Wasserkirche, Rathaus, Gross and Fraumünsters and Swiss National Museum are all visible from the water on the route. If you've ever wanted to float down the centre of the busiest city in Switzerland, the Limmat Swim is your chance to do just that!

Alongside those bobbing down the river enjoying the view, there is also a competitive swimming event. The EWZ challenge, named after the local energy supplier, is a race between experienced swimmers to see who can complete the two-kilometre route in the fastest time.

Source: ewz - Elektrizitätswerk der Stadt Zürich / YouTube

What happens during the Limmat Swim in Zurich?

The event starts at noon on the assigned day, with the EWZ challenge swimmers going first. Then, between 12.03pm and 4.25pm, ticket holders are sent down the course by group number. Be sure to get there 45 minutes before your assigned start time. The swim itself takes up to 20 minutes, depending on the current and your swimming strength.

Participants are then required to get out of the water at the river swimming pool of Oberer Letten. Once there, you will be offered a refreshing drink, hot tea and a special souvenir.

What do I need to bring to the Limmat Swim?

Depending on the ticket that you buy, you will either have to bring a floatation device to the event, or will receive one when you pick up your ticket. If you forget a floatation device, some extras will be available to buy at the start line. You are not able to participate in the Limmat Swim without a floatation device, unless you are participating in the EWZ challenge.

Clothes and belongings that you give over at the start of the swim will be delivered to you at the finish line, so long as they are small enough to fit in the transport bags provided.

When is the Limmat Swim in 2022?

The 56th Zurich Limmat Swim will start at noon on August 27, 2022. The event had originally been scheduled for August 20, but poor weather and thunderstorms forced a delay. Let’s hope for better weather come the day of the event!

Tickets this year go on pre-sale at 5pm on August 24. You can find out where the tickets are on sale, and how to buy them, on the Limmat Swim website.

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