7 adrenaline-fuelled things to do in Switzerland

7 adrenaline-fuelled things to do in Switzerland

Every so often, there may be a moment when you just want to get the blood pumping and try something out of the ordinary on the weekend. Luckily, Switzerland is home to many adrenaline-fuelled activities for people to try, many of which are within easy reach of Swiss cities

7 exciting things to do in Switzerland

While Switzerland is already known for great resorts for skiing and snowboarding in winter and hiking in the summer, not many know of the other fun and exciting activities that are available in the alpine nation. From the highest zipline in the world to taking the wheel of a Formula One car, here are seven of our favourites.

1. Try whitewater rafting in Interlaken

Our first activity takes us to the mountains above the adrenaline capital of Switzerland, Interlaken, Canton Bern. From below the north face of the Eiger, aquatic daredevils can partake in some whitewater rafting on a turbulent Swiss river.

The Lütschine is one of the best places for whitewater rafting in Switzerland, containing many exciting rapids, drops and obstacles. After 1,5 to two hours navigating the class three and four rapids, participants spill into the tranquil embrace of Lake Brienz.

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2. Take the highest zipline in the world

Vertigo sufferers beware: Switzerland is home to the highest zipline in the world. Sitting at 3.330 metres above sea level at Mont-Fort in the ski resort of Verbier is the Mont 4 Zipline. Once they are fully strapped in, people on the zipline are afforded stunning views of the surrounding mountains as they plummet 400 metres along the 1,4-kilometre-long cable.

During the descent, speeds of up to 130 kilometres per hour can be achieved. For those that want to see their friends as a blur moving across the alpine landscape, this activity is for you!

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3. Drop down the highest bungee jumping bridge in Europe

From the highest zipline, we now move to something equally knee-quaking: the highest bungee bridge in Europe is in Switzerland. The bridge at Niouc in the Valais Val d’Anniviers is 190 metres above the valley floor, meaning those wanting to bungee jump have to, in the words of the company that runs the attraction, “Turn off your brain for a minute, let go and jump headfirst.”

For those not wanting to risk their lunch falling out of them as they dive to the ground, the area also has a giant swing and a zipline to try out. Finally, for those who would rather watch the perilous acts, there is also a bar.


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4. Sleep a night hanging off a cliff

Not many people expect sleeping to be an adrenaline-fuelled activity, but when your bed is hanging off the top of a cliff, you’d be forgiven for not wanting to roll over in the night. From the start point in Frutigen, Canton Bern, participants hike up the hill to the site where the beds will be hung - the guide adds that no climbing skills are required, but “a head for heights is an advantage.”

From the suspended beds, participants will get uninterrupted views of the whole valley down to Lake Thun. After dinner, sleep and breakfast suspended above the valley below, the hopefully well-rested hikers abseil down the cliff to where they began their journey.

5. Drive a Formula One car in a super-accurate simulator

In Cham, Zurich, Kemptthal and Affoltern am Albis, budding racers are able to experience what it feels like to drive a real Formula One car. From the twists and turns around the forested circuit at Spa-Francochamps to the high-octane tight curves of Monaco or Zandvoort, their high-tech simulators will make you feel like Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, or, in the case of this writer, someone who never made it out of the pits.

Each of the machines can be adapted to meet different abilities- from full hard realism to tame power-assisted automatic. Groups are able to race against each other while choosing from a number of tracks on the Formula One calendar.

6. Everybody's gone surfing, surfing ZRH

Just outside Zurich Hardbrücke station is a building that, during the summer at least, can bring the tubular waves of Hawaii right into the heart of the city. Urbansurf gives athletes of all ages the chance to learn how to surf without having to leave Switzerland.

Beginner, intermediate, advanced, kids and group sessions are all available. Once you are done, you can sit back in the restaurant and watch other people ride the waves, or if they are a beginner, wipe out in style!

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7. Hydrospeed your way down the Rhône

Finally, for those that saw whitewater rafting but thought, "I really wish my face was closer to the water", why not try Hydrospeeding down the River Rhône in Canton Valais? Between Susten and Sierre, participants use boogie boards to float down the river's rapids, taking in all the magnificent views between plunges into the water. Of course, do not try this on your own!

Discover Switzerland's wild side!

Not just a land of banks and mountains: we hope this list gives you the inspiration you need to get out there and indulge in all the exciting activities Switzerland has to offer. Have an adrenaline-fuelled activity that we have missed out on? Let us know in the comments below!

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