French artist locks himself inside statue in Swiss museum

French artist locks himself inside statue in Swiss museum

French artist Abraham Poincheval has recently moved house - into the inside of a statue in a Swiss museum! The artist will be living in the replica statue for the entire working week, and visitors can keep him company by chatting with him and watching him through a camera inside the statue!

The artist will be isolated for five whole days 

The artist is going to remain isolated from his normal life and stay inside the replica statue at the Art and History Museum in Fribourg from March 7 to 12. The performance will take part inside a fifteenth-century statue representing Saint Bartholomew and will feature as part of the Corpus exhibition, which is dedicated to the body and the concept of isolation. 

Poincheval is known for often staging himself in narrow spaces in order to question the concepts of time, confinement and immobility. In the past, he has tucked himself inside a bottle in Lausanne and spent four days on a 20-metre-high platform in Geneva

Image: / Viacheslav Lopatin

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